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Sub-project of CORNWALL
  • 184 members

About us

Nov 2019
Numbers increasing slowly but we have an extraordinary number of BigY700s -115 of 158. New R1b-U106>>FGC13335 cluster. 
The much more reliable BigY700 is making it possible for us to begin an analysis of the clusters, seeing when they formed and if they have a tree structure.

Mar 2019
We now have 154 members, and 84 Big Y 700 - this new test has been very popular. 
Short papers have been prepared on L21>Z253, DF27>L617, the Drake cluster, I1 and I2, with E and DF27 overview in preparation.  A U106 cluster has been found.

Mar 2018
118 members, 52 Big Y. DF63 cluster (just pre-Roman, 2 branches)

Mar 2017 
96 members transferred to the new specialised research project
Half have Y111, a third have Big Y
First pre-Beaker unique line (I2-P??) has been found

April 2016: L21 paper written which suggests SW England was a major point of dispersal for classic British R1b-L21 Y-DNA to the Continent.  The new SNP packs have enabled us to show something we have always suspected - that Cornwall is full of ancient rare DNA from the early Bronze period around 2500 BC when Stonehenge was being constructed. In particular we have large  amounts of R-DF27, usually regarded as Hispanic - probably demonstrating the presence of an early "Atlantic culture" with heavy trading interchange of metals and grains.

Nov 2015
 103 members. New autosomal category under trial, following the lead of DEVON

Sep 2015
 Eighteen members order the new R1b Backbone Test, revealing that Cornwall has many unusual lines of DNA, something we had always suspected

Nov 2014 75 members, following the book launch at the Cornish Association of Victoria 

Oct 2013 50 members

July 2011 Project starts in collaboration with Debbie Kennett, administrator of DEVON, the first single-county project