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Sub-project of CORNWALL
  • 184 members

About us

This is a sub-project of the CORNWALL project, acting as a research repository for Cornish Y-DNA. ** You should join CORNWALL first ** Members of CORNWALL who can prove a Cornish paternal-ancestor and who have tested SNPs will be invited to join. It aims to document the Y-DNA of Cornwall and understand the links between population structure and the history of Cornwall. MEMBERSHIP is available for men belonging to CORNWALL with a well-documented paternal line connection to Cornwall in the United Kingdom, who have tested their SNPs using packs or BigY and are willing to advance our understanfding further. You should have a CLEAR PAPER TREE leading to a Cornwall ancestor on the male line, and probably a typically Cornish surname. On applying please give your MOST RECENT Cornish male line ancestor (the one who emigrated, if relevant), and how you are related to them, so that we can confirm your Cornish ancestry. Also on your Oldest Ancestor, please note the parish so we can see if there are spatial pockets