Mitochondrial DNA from Cornwall, Britain.
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About us

Sub-project of CORNWALL. ** Please join the CORNWALL project first ** This project is a repository for mitochondrial DNA from Cornwall, which is passed down only from the mother, Any member of CORNWALL with a direct maternal-line ancestor who was born or lived in in Cornwall is encouraged to take a mtDNA test and join the project. Please ensure your earliest straight female line (Cornish) ancestor is included on your personal profile, under your name, with date and parish of first sighting (birth or marriage) ,; and give details of this ancestor when you apply to join. This is a closed subproject of the main CORNWALL project, which is open to anyone with a Cornish connnection. ; Entry is through the CORNWALL open project; please join it first. The administrator will assist you in tracking your ancestor if necessary and in joining this project.