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The Y-Chromosome test for Core Melungeons is for a male being tested who goes in a straight line back to the Melungeon ancestor. When a child is conceived it gets one sex chromosome from its mother and one sex chromosome from its father. The chromosome from the mother will always be an X, but the father can either be X or Y. If the child gets the Y, he will be a boy. So only males can be tested for this Y-Chromosome project. This Y is transmitted from fathers only to their sons. It is these unique features that make the Y-Chromosome useful to genealogists. The Melungeon Y DNA Project is a study of males who have proven known Melungeon ancestors, according to old records, and agreed on by some of the top serious Melungeon researchers. The participants must descend in a genealogical useful line; i.e., father to son to son... The DNA results, combined with genealogy research, hopefully will open some new windows for research on the Melungeon people. Prior approval by the administrator is required for becoming a participant in this project and everyone joining must present genealogy when applying to join this project. DNA results do not often "prove" a relationship, but can be quite helpful in guiding research. If a profile does not match, obviously a hypothesized relationship may be incorrect. At other times it may point to an unknown adoption in the family, several reasons can be explored when the results don't follow the genealogy you have. If you can't test to show this direct line in your family, you may have someone tested who does. If you are a female, you test a brother, or male cousin who goes back tithe Melungeon ancestor. If you have already been tested at Family Tree DNA and you want to join the Melungeon Y project, there is a button on your personal page to click on to do this. Request *Core Melungeon DNA Project*. There is no charge for this service. You will have to be approved by the administrator. If you have taken or want to take the mtDNA test, which both males and females can take, and you have a Melungeon ancestor in this X line, please to this site for more information and join: We have a "Melungeon Families of Interest: site you may join, if your Y or mtDNA tests won't show the Melungeon ancestor, go here for more information: PLEASE NOTE: The Melungeon DNA Project volunteer administrators have no commercial affiliation with any profit making organization and receive no compensation for services or expenses involved with the Melungeon Y DNA project.