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Pre-Eóganachta Rulers of Munster, Ireland
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Project established 01 Dec 2011
Statistical Analysis of Public Domain Data Completed 2012
Yahoo Forum Abandoned 01 Jan 2014

Haplogroups, Clades and SNP Testing

The notation used is that of the short hand notation for the haplogroup followed by a clade name if appropriate. Persons in this project are classified by the terminal haplogroup be it a confident prediction or known by testing  A clade here is defined as subgroup of individuals within a haplogroup who have or nearly have a common set of key STR markers. 

This diagram and table below show the distribution of Haplogroups in the project as of February 2014. The Haplogroup R1b is a set of haplotypes whose terminal SNP could not be predicted with confidence, they need to be SNP tested in order to be of value to the project.

The pie graph shows a significant number of I2-L161 Isles A within the project. That is what differentiates the Corca Laidhe on the whole from other Irish tribes.

Mega testing, i.e. thousands of SNP tested at once, has come of age and project participants are encouraged to do such testing. The testing is discovering new SNP and advancing the phylogentic tree to haplogroups founded closer and closer to the present. To discover the haplogroup distribution in a tribe on the order of 1,000 years old we need to be able to characterize project participants by haplogroups that are also on the order of 1,000 years old. 

Mega Test Vendor
Geno2 National Geographic
Chromo2 Irelands DNA

Haplogroup Count Per Cent
G2-P303 1 1%
I1-Z138 2 2%
I2-L161 Isles A 12 13%
I2-L161 Isles C 1 1%
R1a Norse 1 1%
R1b 17 18%
R1b-CTS4466 South Irish 25 27%
R1b-DF21 2 2%
R1b-DF27 1 1%
R1b-DF49 1 1%
R1b-L1066 1 1%
R1b-L2 1 1%
R1b-L21 Combo-C 1 1%
R1b-L21 Combo-D 1 1%
R1b-L21 Ely Carroll 2 2%
R1b-L21 Irish IV 4 4%
R1b-L362 1 1%
R1b-L513 1 1%
R1b-M222 9 10%
R1b-P312 1 1%
R1b-P314.2 3 3%
R1b-Z145 2 2%
R1b-Z255 1 1%
R1b-Z2961 1 1%
  92 100%