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Pre-Eóganachta Rulers of Munster, Ireland
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2022 Jun 18

Member Contributions Page

Launched a page of anecdotal and informational contributions by project members.

2021 Jun 10

Corca Laidhe Interest Group

No promises as of yet, given the demise of prior interest groups at Rootsweb and on Yahoo. However, a space has been reserved at for a Corca Laidhe yDNA interest group. Anyone with interest in Corca Laidhe yDNA research, whether in the project or not, is welcome to subscribe to the group.

2021 Apr 23

Data Expansion

Our nascent SNP chart has grown beyond the confines of our pages here at FTDNA, and has been moved to our project website.

2021 Mar 17

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

15 Mar 2021: Myrane and Mirane were added to project surnames. (Hereditary Proprietors, Tuath Indolaich)

The project now has a Torpey sample with ancestry currently thought to have originated in Waterford. (Hereditary Proprietors, Tuath Indolaich)

12 Dec 2020: Ó Mailguirm and its forms were added to project surnames. Its occurrence is rare. Mulqueen is excluded.

2020 Nov 04

Annual Summary

To accompany our Surname / SNP Chart on the Results page, haplotree charts have been introduced on an external website

R-Z39589 is looking more interesting. See our external tree diagram as well as the clusters in our FTDNA Y DNA results starting at #1570. At least five study participants with stated Munster patriline ancestry fall under this haplogroup, contradicting the findings of the Irish DNA Mapping Project, which showed exclusive distribution in the northern part of Ireland. At the time of publication of this project news, a possible TMRCA date is about 2040 B.C., in the Copper Age. Did several branches move into southern Ireland prior to or about the beginning of the first millennium? This bears watching for future developments.

The surnames MacNicaill (Nicholas, McNichol, etc.,) which John O'Hart stated branched off of Coffey 32 generations after Lughaidh Maccon, are suspended from admission to the project on a temporary basis until those names can be examined in more detail in the Corca Laidhe literature.

The surnames Cavanaugh and Kavanaugh have been added to the official Surnames list because of evidence of their interchangability with Kevane (Hereditary Proprietors, Ua Ciabháin, Country of Gillamichael).

The surnames Mulgueen and Mulqueen are being investigated for possible project inclusion. (Hereditary Proprietors, Ó Mailguirm, Tuath O'nDunghalaigh)

2020 Sep 29


Website updates in progress before the Oct/Nov 2020 annual bulletin.

The old Rootsweb mailing list - Corca Laidhe DNA - was open to anyone, whether in the Y DNA project or not, but Rootsweb has since closed down its mailing lists. If there were sufficient demand from interested observers the administrator would consider opening up a group, but the preference is to wait and see if the old Rootsweb admins open a new list. Unless there were overwhelming demand, the administrators of this study are reluctant to open any other communication venues. There was once a group on Yahoo that was closed down in 2014. This was probably due to lack of activity and interest.

2019 Aug 08

Corca Laidhe Surname / SNP Chart

A Corca Laidhe Surname / SNP chart has been introduced on the Results page. It will get continually updated as fully participating members acquire SNP data. The chart divides Cork/Kerry SNPs from SNPs elsewhere, according to members' reports of geographic origins of their paternal ancestries. Cork/Kerry SNPs do not necessarily prove Corca Laidhe ancestry, nor do SNPs from elsewhere necessarily disprove Corca Laidhe ancestry. Data is being organized this way for now while we accumulate it.

2019 Jul 18

Website Remodel

- The discussion of the statistical analysis performed in 2012 that was on the NEWS page is now on the RESULTS page.

- Our prior MEMBERS ONLY communications are now preserved on the Members Only UPDATES page. (Members must be logged in to read that page.) That way newer members can read those communications.

- The most recent project communication will go on the Members Only BULLETIN page. (Members must be logged in to read that page.) That communication will get moved to the UPDATES page when there is a new communication to post in BULLETIN.

- The functionality of the ABOUT page (project profile) is not reliable, so its old content has been merged into the FAQ and BACKGROUND pages.

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Statistical Analysis of Public Domain Data Completed 2012

Yahoo Forum Abandoned 01 Jan 2014

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