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Research transcription: 
Author:   Savage, James, 1784-1873; Making of America Project, Farmer, John, 1789-1838; Dexter, O. P. (Orrando Perry), 1854-1903
Vol I, Boston, Little, Brown and Company, 1860; Cooper pages 453,454, 455

ANTHONY COOPER, of Hingham 1635, came with four sons, four daughters and four servants (any one of whose names I would gladly learn) from old Hingham, died very early, for his inventory [will] was taken 26 February 1636.

BENJAMIN COOPER, of Salem, was of Brampton in the east part of Suffolk, came from Yarmouth, in the Mary Ann [ship] in 1637, aged (50yrs), with wife Elizabeth (48yrs), and five children > Lawrence, Mercy, Rebecca, Benjamin and Francis Fillingham, his son-in-law, aged (32yrs), his sister aged (45yrs), and two servants John Fillin(gham?) and Philemon Dickerson. Of the father or children, we know no more, but the son-in-law, and Dickerson are mentioned, shortly after at Salem; he died soon after, and his inventory taken 27 September of that year, shows good estate.

JOHN COOPER, of Watertown, died 1637, in his 80th year, it is said. But this may be a traditional error, for *[Thomas Cooper].

JOHN COOPER, of Lynn, came, 1635, in the Hopewell [ship], aged (41yrs) with wife and children, Mary (13yrs), John (10yrs), Thomas (7yrs) and Martha (5yrs). He was from Olney, Buckinghamshire, freeman [oath] 08 December 1636; was one of the purchasers from the Indians for the projectors of the colony at Southampton, Long Island [New York] and there was living in 1664.

JOHN COOPER, of Cambridge, came with sister Lydia, after their father’s death in the company of Gregory Stone, [who married their mother], [Lydia, (his sister) married David Fiske.]  He was freeman [oath] 18 May 1642, Constable, Selectman, and for very many years Deacon, Town Clerk, from 1669 until his death, 23 August 1691. By his wife, Ann [daughter of Nathaniel Sparhawk], had Ann, born 16 November 1643, [who married Edward Pinson], Mary, b. 11 September 1645, Samuel, b. 08 January 1654, John, b. 1656, Nathaniel, baptized, 08 May 1659 and died 19 December 1661, Lydia, b. 13 April 1663, and Hannah, b. 29 December 1667.

JOHN COOPER, of Scituate, married in 1634, Priscilla “widow” of William Wright, [who was sister of Governor Bradford's wife, Alice]; removed 1639 to Barnstable, there died, without children. His will was made in 1676.

JOHN COOPER, of New Haven 1639, was Agent for Iron Works, Representative 1664-7, had Mary, born 1631, [probably in England], baptized 15 August 1641, Hannah b. 1638, who was baptized, [at same time] with Mary, and [married 1661, John Potter] and Sarah, baptized 21 September 1645, who married in 1662, Samuel Hemenway, he died 23 November 1689.

JOHN COOPER, of Weymouth, whose will in [Genealogical Registry Volume  page 303], seems to show that he was only transit visit, in autumn of 1653.

JOHN COOPER, of New Haven, son of John, married 27 December 1666, Mary, daughter of John Thompson Sr., had  Rebecca, who died 1668, at 2 yrs., another died 1668, Mary, died soon after, John, b. 23 February 1671, Samuel, b. 03 June 1675 and Abigail, b. 03 Oct 1679.

JOHN COOPER, of Duxbury, 1666.

JOHN COOPER, of Cambridge, son of John, perhaps was a soldier, December 1675, in Samuel Moseley's “ragtag” company, married 28 April 1686, Elizabeth Bordman, who died 15 November 1714, aged 56, and he died 12 February 1736.

JOSIAH COOPER, of Boston, cordwainer (shoemaker), probably from Hingham, perhaps son of Anthony, married 13 September 1661, Waitawhile [Puritan “virtue” name] daughter of Thomas Makepeace, had Elizabeth, b. 05 May 1668, Thomas b. 05 April 1665, Josiah b. 04 April 1667 and Anthony, b. 23 June 1669.

NATHANIEL COOPER, of Rehoboth, had Thomas, born 12 July 1676 and Abijah b. 01 May 1677, died soon after.

PETER COOPER, of Rowley 1643, came 1635, in the Susan and Ellen [ship], aged 28, may have removed to Rehoboth, there buried 28 February 1678.

SAMUEL COOPER, of Rowley 1691, was, perhaps the son of  Peter Cooper.

SAMUEL COOPER, of Cambridge, son of John, married 04 December 1662, Hannah, daughter of Walter Hastings, was a deacon, died 08 January 1718. She died 09 October 1732, aged 67.

SIMON COOPER, of Newport, 1663, a physician, married, 20 January 1664, Mary Tucker, [in the Friend's records of Shelter Island], who may have been daughter of that John of Watertown and Hingham, had Robert, born 10 October 1664, Joseph b. 04 February 1667, Mary b. 20 July 1669 and Simon b. 01 April 1672.

THOMAS COOPER, of Watertown, buried on 20 June 1637, aged 80, “as the record says”

*THOMAS COOPER, of Hingham, came in Diligent [ship], 1638, with two children and two servants from old Hingham, removed perhaps 1643, to Rehoboth, was representative 1652-1653, married 17 October 1656 (second wife) Ann, [widow of Zaccheus Bosworth]. He was deacon and buried third wife, Elizabeth on 01 February 1681.

THOMAS COOPER, of Boston, came 1635, perhaps, in the “Christian” [ship], aged 18, was probably early at "Windsor”, removed 1641, to Springfield, freeman [oath] 1649, a lieutenant, killed by the Indians 05 October 1675. His daughter, Rebecca married 12 July 1677, John Clark of Northampton.

THOMAS COOPER of Boston, probably married “widow” Smith of Watertown, for Matthew Smith is calling on the record of his son-in-law of Thomas Cooper in May 1658.

THOMAS COOPER, of Springfield, son perhaps, of Thomas of the same name, married in 1659, Desire, daughter, it may be of that Capt. George Lamberton of New Haven, lost 13 years before in the New Hampshire built ship going to London.

THOMAS COOPER, of Rehobolh, perhaps son of Thomas of the same, had Judith, born 11 September 1673.

THOMAS COOPER, of Southampton, Long Island, 1673, son of John.

THOMAS COOPER, of Boston, a merchant, perhaps son of Josiah, married Mehitable, [daughter of James Minot and niece of Lieut. Gov. Stoughton,] had William, Harvard College 1712, colleagues with Dr. Colman at Brattle Street Church. His widow, married 19 December 1706, Peter Sargent, Esq. and next, 12 May 1715, Hon. Simeon Stoddard, [not Solomon Stoddard, as Shattuck, in the Historical and Genealogical Registry of New England. Volume I pg. 172, says.] William was father of Rev. Samuel, Harvard College 1743, Doctor of Divinity, a distinguished politician called "silver-tongued," and of William, the celebrated town clerk of Boston for 50 years.

TIMOTHY COOPER, of Lynn 1637, died March 1659, had John, born 1647; Timothy, b. 1651; and four daughters

TIMOTHY COOPER, of Springfield 1668.

TIMOTHY COOPER, of Groton, married, 02 June 1669, Sarah Morse, daughter of Joseph of Watertown, had Timothy, born 24 March 1670, John, b. 05 March 1672, died the next month, Sarah, b. 20 March 1673 and John, b. 05 May 1679. 

WILLIAM COOPER, of Piscataqua, one of the men sent over, 1631, or earlier, by Capt. John Mason for settlement of his plantation and the loss of the same man in a storm. [History of New Hampshire, Volume I page 425] and probably with [Winthrop’s “History of New England" Volume I page 120]

Six of this name [COOPER] had been graduates, at Harvard College and two at other New England colleges, 1834