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About us

A lot of research has been done to document Cooper lineages, however, important questions about familial connections and origins remain. This project should provide additional answers to those questions, and go a long way to dispel misguided research on Cooper family history as well as learn of new connections, and confirm others. It can be used to substantiate family research, further research efforts, get past brick walls in research, give direction in your research, prove and disprove completed research, and prove or disprove family lore and research.

We encourage you to do in-depth research of your family’s roots, to share your findings with other family researchers and encourage their participation. Permit you to go outside your known familial circle. Give you greater clarification of your familial history, its migration patterns throughout the world and in the United States of America. Create excitement in your research, causes families to come together and gives your research a sense of worth. Help you find previously unknown and new relatives. Allow you to leave a legacy of familial relationships to your descendants. The project is phenomenal because it continues to notify you of DNA print matches as long as you keep your email address or a descendants email address current on your personal page at Family Tree DNA.