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Genetic Genealogy DNA data for direct line descendants of German speaking pre-1800 immigrants to the original 13 colonies of the USA. To participate the person tested must be either a direct male line Y-DNA paternal line descendant or direct female line mtDNA maternal line descendant of an immigrant who lived pre-1800 in one of the 13 original colonies of the USA. And he or she must have been a German speaker as their primary language when they arrived in the colonies.

Note: If you have already been tested by FTDNA or are in the FTDNA system via transferring your data from the National Geographic Society Genographic Project go to your personal account page at FTDNA and click on the blue JOIN group button in the upper right banner section.

For my traditional genealogy research for family names of special interest to me see this webpage: Project Background, Goals, Results and News Copyright (c) 2013, Charles F. Kerchner, Jr. All Rights Reserved