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About us

Overview:  A Genetic Genealogy project to collect Genetic Genealogy DNA data for direct line descendants of pre-1800 German speaking immigrants to the original 13 colonies which became the USA.

Who Can Join This Project:  To participate the person tested must be either a direct male line Y-DNA paternal line descendant OR direct female line mtDNA maternal line descendant of a German speaking immigrant who lived prior to 1800 in one of the 13 original colonies of the USA. And he or she must have been a German speaker as their primary language when they arrived in the colonies. A zig-zag route via various paths in your ancestry chart cannot be used. It must be a direct male line YDNA or direct female line mtDNA ancestor to be qualified for this project. Note: If you have already been tested by FTDNA or are in the FTDNA system via transferring your data from the National Geographic Society Genographic Project go to your personal account page at FTDNA and click on the blue JOIN group button in the upper right banner section. Also please note: For the information to display about your earliest, most distant paternal ancestor for the Y-DNA allele Y Results table and for the earliest, most distant maternal ancestor for the mtDNA Results table you must enter that information in the fields located at the bottom of the "Setup Preferences" section of your personal account page at FTDNA. For helpful information and resources regarding how YDNA Genetic Genealogy works see my DNA Info help page:

HOW TO JOIN THIS PROJECT:  At this time you must have been tested either directly via FTDNA or indirectly via FTDNA via the NGS Genographic Project to join this project. Genographic Project customers must first do the free transfer of their results from the NGS database to FTDNA's database. See the "Learn More" link at the bottom of your Genographic Project personal page for how to do the free transfer of your test data to FTDNA or call FTDNA for assistance in doing the transfer. Once you have a personal account page at FTDNA, to join this Colonial USA Deutsch project sign/log in to your FTDNA personal account page and click on the JOIN PROJECTS section in the upper left part of your personal page screen. Find the "Dual Geographical" projects section. Click on the letter "C" category. Then click on the Colonial USA Deutsch project link. You will then see a description of this project. Scroll down to the bottom and click on the small white join button at the bottom of the Colonial USA Deutsch project join page. That is all there is to it. If you have not been tested before either by FTDNA or the Genographic Project and want to join this project you need to order a DNA test kit. Click on the Request to Join This Group link in the upper left hand corner of this screen to contact the Project Admin and arrange ordering your test kit.

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