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About us

This is the genetic database project for the International Association of Clan MacInnes.  Clan McAonghais (Clan MacInnes) is one of the oldest clans in Scotland, headquartered on Morvern but dispersed after the murderous death of the chief and family during the 14th century.  Members fled to and settled in the surrounding areas of Argyll and the Northwestern coast and isles.  One of the hoped for outcomes of this project is to get a clearer picture of where these various groups went, adding to the Clan history.  

Many of our MacInnes ancestors later left Scotland, heading for the New World and a new life, often leaving their later descendants facing a brick wall as to where in Scotland they had lived.  Beginning in the middle of the 18th century, many headed to North Carolina where, within the Cape Fear River counties, large numbers of Scots settled.  From there, McInnises spread out all over the South and Southwest.  Large numbers of MacInneses left Scotland and immigrated to Canada, especially Nova Scotia, many later going down into the USA. Others found themselves in boats headed down to Australia.  As a result of this study, perhaps some of these early roots might be found.  One of the needs of the project is to have MacInneses who have a good paper trail in Scotland to participate and help those whose ancestors emigrated find connections.

Information regarding Clan MacInnes may be found on the Clan website .