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Note: this site is only for comparing YDNA kit results, we are unable to use any other genealogical data. This is a project of the international Association of Clan MacInnes and is open to males with the surname of MacInnes, in any of its various spellings. A YDNA test from a male member with the FamilyTreeDNA test kit is required in order to participate. The YDNA test analyzes the "Y" chromosome which has been passed from father to son for generations. The main purpose of the project is to identify, through YDNA matches, family groups who are likely related. It is hoped that the sharing of information between subgroup participants may further family history and research back to ancestors in Scotland. Females who wish to participate may do so by identifying a male relative who carries the surname. i. e. brother, father, uncle, cousin or far distant cousin and following the test results. It is necessary to at least purchase the 37 marker YDNA test but the 67 marker test is strongly encouraged. If you are very serious the Big Y (700) test is excellent. It is expected that participants agree to grant administrators access to view personal data.