Clan Colla 425 null

"The Three Collas" - rulers of the Kingdom of Airgíalla

About us

Please read the following very important information

Only join this project if you have had Y-DNA tested (DNA from a male tester), and your predicted haplogroup must be of the R1b type.   Just having a Family Finder test done is not adequate, or even advisable.  The Family Finder test and mt-dna testing will not help you track your paternal ancestry.

Also if you've been tested at 67 markers you need to have a Null value (0) for marker DYS 425.  If you have not ordered a upgrade to at least 67 markers, it is very advisable that you do this. 

This DNA project is not one of the very general projects such as Ireland DNA, and it is not a general surname catch all, where anyone can join no matter what their DNA markers are.  And not everyone who has one of the listed surnames, will necessarily have markers that match the signature DNA of the Collas.  Most testers will not match the DNA profile that is required to be a part of this project.  As well, the highest expectation of having Colla DNA may be no better than about 50% if you have a Colla surname.

Goals for the Project

The goal of the Clan Colla 425 null Project is to use Y-DNA analysis to test certain hypothesis and theories about the origins of The Three Collas and the surnames descended from them.  Can a relationship be seen for those participants carrying the DYS425 null and surnames with origins in the Kingdom of Oriel? And if so, are the ancient Oriel surnames with the 425 null descended from The Three Collas?

We expect participants that are fully haplogroup tested, to all be from the same haplogroup, L21 positive. And below L21, we carry the DF21 SNP.  For a full explanation about What is Clan Colla DNA? - see the Results page.

Our requirements for joining this project are the following:

1. Everyone must have 67 markers tested.
2. Everyone also must have the null value at 425.
3. Everyone must at least be predicted  R1b1a2, or have one of its subgroups that would likely test out to be DF21 positive.

If a participant meets these requirements, but have not yet tested at 67 markers, their kit numbers will be placed in the "High chance of having Colla DNA, pending upgrade to 67 markers" group... or the "Low chance of having Colla DNA, pending upgrade to 67 markers" group.

Recommended Additional Testing

1. Upgrade your kit to 67 markers
- the unique null value for our testers on marker DYS 425 is found in this upgrade. 

2. New Y-DNA111 test - highest resolution Y-DNA test offered. View our FAQ section to learn more.

In all of the Ft-DNA projects searched thus far, only Clan Colla testers will have a unique value of 9 for marker DYS 505.  DYS 505 is marker number 76 of the 111 marker upgrade.

DYS 505 = 9 searches in projects as of Feb 13, 2012 

Project Name No. of participants No. of testers with the 505=9
420 participants 3, all are Colla participants
Clan Fraser DNA project 1315 participants 2, all are Colla participants
L21 plus DNA project  1548 participants 33, all are Colla participants
Scottish DNA project 3494 participants 5, all are Colla participants
R1b and Subclades Project 3970 participants 8, all are Colla participants
Ireland DNA project 4389 prticipants 18, all are Colla participants

In all these projects (above) ranging from 420 participants to over 4389 particpiants, we only find those testers with a 505=9 as being Clan Colla participants.  This indicates that 505=9 is indeed extremely unique to our Colla DNA; and definitely much more unique than even our 425 null marker. 


If this value for us was not unique to us... then in all these projects with these thousands of participants you would expect to see some other testers with 505=9.  And you don't see them; there are no other R type testers with the 505=9, other than those who are carrying Clan Colla DNA.

We would also recommend that testers join large DNA projects such as these Geographic projects above.  If you believe your ancestor came from Ireland, then join the Ireland Y-DNA project.  Likewise if you believe your ancestor came from Scotland or some other country, then find a project for one of those geographic locations.  By doing so, our project markers are better represented in these countries.  Once you've had your initial testing done, there's no additional cost for you to join as many project as you would like at ft-dna.

3. Deep Subclade vs. specific SNP testing

We recommend that you test for the SNP DF21, and join the R-DF21 project; website:

SNP test is preferred over general Deep Clade testing.

Deep Clade will refine your placement on your haplogroup branches of the tree. Haplogroup results that are given in green have been confirmed by SNP testing. Haplogroups that are given in red have been only predicted by Family Tree DNA. Your results and placement on the tree are shown on the Haplotree page of your myFTDNA account. On this same "haplogroup results" it will also tell you exactly what "Deep Subclade" testing is available to you personally. As more subgroups are discovered, this page will display what the latest test are. We recommend that if you have had Deep Clade testing that you join the appropriate SNP project, like the R-L21 project described below.

A message from Tibor Feher about the R1b1a2a1a1b4, or more simply the L21 haplogroup.

R1b1a2a1a1b4 (or  L21  or M512) is the predominantly British subclade of P312 and is the “Celtic marker”.  It is most frequent in Ireland (50-90%), England (15-40%) and Bretagne (14%). L21 is also dominant among White North Americans due to their British heritage. It also appears at reasonable frequencies in Norway and historically Celtic-inhabited areas of Iberia, France and Germany (2-10%), and more rarely in East Central Europe and Italy. Its estimated age is close to that of P312, approx. 5500-4000 years BP or 3500-2000 BCE. It is disputed when L21 reached the British Isles, some argue for a Bronze Age (Beaker) arrival, while others argue for a completely Celtic origin. L21 has several well-established subgroups like L193, L226, L159, and M222. See the L21 project for more details.

The R-L21 project website:

4. DYF371X testing

We recommend having this test done. The advanced marker DYF371X will determine exactly what alleles are causing the null value result for the DYS425 test. The DYF371X marker test can be ordered from the advanced testing section of the Order Tests link found on you personal account page at FTDNA.

Charles Kerchner has a Ft-DNA project that is tracking the 371x results.  Several of our participants are in this project already.

Project website: Kerchner's Null425 Project.

If you have the 425 null, I would recommend that you have the DYF371x test done first... and then join this other 425 null project too.   In the 425 project ran by Charles Kerchner... our Clan Colla group has been labeled:  R1b1a2a1a1b4 (L21) DYS 511=9 (10c-12c-13c-14c).