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Clan Colla 425 null

R-Z3000: The Three Collas (Z3008) and cousins (Z16270, Z29586, BY3160)
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About us

Please read the following very important information

Only join this project if you have had Y-DNA tested (DNA from a male tester), and your predicted haplogroup must be of the R-M269 type.   Just having a Family Finder test done is not adequate, or even advisable.  The Family Finder test and mt-dna testing will not help you track your paternal ancestry.

This DNA project is not one of the very general projects such as Ireland DNA, and it is not a general surname catch all, where anyone can join no matter what their DNA markers are.  And not everyone who has one of the listed surnames, will necessarily have markers that match the signature DNA of the Collas.  Most testers will not match the DNA profile that is required to be a part of this project.  As well, the highest expectation of having Colla DNA may be no better than about 50% if you have a Colla surname.

Goal for the Project

The goal of the Clan Colla 425 null Project is to use Y-DNA analysis to test certain hypothesis and theories about the origins of The Three Collas and the surnames descended from them.  Can a relationship be seen for those participants carrying Z3000 Clan Colla DNA and surnames with origins in the Kingdom of Oriel? And if so, are the ancient Oriel surnames with the 425 null descended from The Three Collas?

What defines Clan Colla DNA?

Z3000 SNP:
..... R-P312>L21>DF13>DF21>S971>Z3000

STR markers that predict the Z3000 SNP:

..... 47th STR: 511=9 
..... 48th STR: 425=0

…... 76th STR: 505=9
..... 91st STR: 441=12