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Duncan, Donachie, McConnachie, McConechy, Reid, Robertson and others
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1. What is the Family Tree DNA website address?

2. What is the Donnachaidh DNA Project website address?

3. How do I find the project data analysis page?  From your myFTDNA page you can access the project analysis via clicking the orange "Donnachaidh" under projects and/or select the myGroups link. On the myGroups site select the "DNA Results" tab.  The best viewing is done in the Y-DNA Colorized Chart .

4. How is the analysis page organized? The administrators have organized the project by surname and matches within the surname.  There are some overlaps between surnames groups but these are minor.  The current grouping program only allows a participant to be placed in one location within the data analysis.

5. How do I find myself in the vary large analysis pages? You can use your browser search/find function and enter your kit number.  You can search by a member's name or you can stroll through the pages.

6. Are project administrators employed by Family Tree DNA?  No, the Donnachaidh DNA Project administrators are volunteers and have no commercial affiliation with Family Tree DNA or any profit making organization and receive no compensation for services or expenses involved with the Donnachaidh DNA project.

7. What type of research project is the Donnachaidh DNA Project? Please understand that this is a collaborative research project combining the use of genetics with traditional genealogical research.

8. How is my personal data uses in this research project? All participants will be included in the ongoing studies and by joining the project; you are giving consent for your information to be anonymously included (via your kit #) in ongoing genetic genealogy research.  Your personal identity will not be revealed, but your results will be used in project analyses to better understand the surnames of Clan Donnachaidh as a people and the history of our ancestors.

We will work on adding more FAQs. 

Please send questions that you may have and ones you think would be good for other members.