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Duncan, Donachie, McConnachie, McConechy, Reid, Robertson and others
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About us

Welcome to the Clan Donnachaidh DNA Project. This is the home site for DNA research into the surnames of Clan Donnachaidh. These Surnames include the following (and their many variant spellings) Robertson, Reid, Duncan, Donachie, Donnachie, McConnachie, Stark, Dobbins and 44 other are among the list of Clan Donnachaidh surnames. Donnachaidh (Donachad) translates from the Gaelic as 'Children of Duncan'. For the full history of Clan Donnachaidh visit us at our project website: www.clandonnachaidhdna.org Please understand that this is a collaborative research project. We require the active participation of each member to further this genealogical and genetic study of our surnames and their place in history. We are testing the Y-DNA of males with clan surnames to try and reconstruct the male lineages of clan families. There is not one single Y-DNA test to take but a series of DNA tests to continually dig deeper into our histories. All participants will be included in the ongoing studies and by joining the project; you are giving consent for your information to be anonymously included in ongoing genetic genealogy research. Your personal identity will not be revealed, but your results will be used to better understand the surnames of Clan Donnachaidh as a people and the history of our ancestors. PLEASE NOTE: The Donnachaidh DNA Project volunteer administrators have no commercial affiliation with any profit making organization and receive no compensation for services or expenses involved with the Donnachaidh Y-DNA project.