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About us

This project was created to study the family and genetic relationships between the various Chaves families around the world. This includes the Chavez and Caceres surnames of Spain.

Some additional curiosity also lies with the origin of the name Chaves/Chavez, and any information about whether the families originated in the area of Portugal and Spain, or if they came from some other location prior to settling there, such as Greece or Italy, where similar DNA is also found.

As you most likely know, the Chaves/Chavez family has a long and well admired history in Portugal and Spain, and was honored with several Chivalric orders over the centuries, as well as, assisted in the settling of the island of Curacao, when the Chaves family arrived there as early as 1492. Many Chaves/Chavez men have served in various high positions within the U.S. Government and military as well as, other countries.

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