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***********19 May 2018**********

Dear Valued Ysearch & Mitosearch Members,

On May 24th, 2018, our free, public genetic-genealogy databases, and, will no longer be accessible as a result of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) going into effect on May 25th.

As the founders of the direct-to-consumer genetic genealogy industry, we did not make this decision lightly. We believe it is necessary given the resources it would take to make both sites GDPR compliant. The current environment regarding DNA privacy as well as recent events in the news, particularly DNA databases being utilized to solve cold cases, were also considerations, but the rigorous requirements of GDPR would have prompted this action irrespective of current events. 

User privacy policies across all of the major consumer genetic-genealogy service providers have become a topic of national conversation, and it is our goal to ensure that our privacy policies continue to meet or exceed industry norms.

We encourage you to continue your journey of discovery with us on FamilyTreeDNA, and we thank you for your participation in “citizen science” over the years.


Big Y-500

The Big Y-500 is now available. In addition to everything the Big Y featured, the Big Y-500 includes testing of up to 450 STRs.

ImportantCustomers who had the Big Y product have been automatically switched to the Big Y-500.

Moving forward, customers who purchase a Big Y-500 will also have to purchase or upgrade to the Y-DNA111 test. However, customers do not have to have a Y-STR test already before purchasing the Big Y-500 since it contains the Y-111. Big Y without STRs will no longer be available.  

On the dashboard, in the Big Y-500 section, a Y-STR Results button has been added in addition to the Results and Matches buttons. The Y-STR Results button will direct the user to the Y-DNA – Standard Y-STR Values page. Big Y-500 will not include matching beyond Y-111. 

Big Y-500 Page
The Big Y-500 - Results page functions exactly as the Big Y - Results page. The only change to the page is the replacement of Big Y with Big Y-500. 

Y-DNA – Standard Y-STR Values Page
Current customers who had the Big Y now have the Big Y-500. Their Panel 6 (112-561) STR results are now displayed on the Y-DNA – Standard Y-STR Values page.

Panel 6 STRs - (112-561)
For the Panel 6 STRs, customers may not have results for all 450 STRs. When a customer has a “no call” result for an STR, a "–" is displayed on the Panel for that STR. 

Note that we guarantee results for at least 389 of the Panel 6 450 STRs. In the unlikely event that a customer has results for fewer than 389 of the Panel 6 STRs, we will have to do a rerun on the test.

CSV Download
The CSV download will display all panels/STR locations regardless of whether the user has tested for all of the STRs. A "-" will be displayed for all STRs that are not tested.

Please note - STR Results may be different than other companies score. 
At FamilyTreeDNA, we typically count only perfect repeats so some of the Big Y-500 Panel 6 Y-STR allele values will consistently differ from that of other companies. The difference will be offset by only a few values above or below the results of other companies.

************NEW*******23 Apr 2018***********

DNA Day Sale

Happy DNA Day! 

The 2018 DNA Day Sale began April 20, 2018, and ends April 28, 2018, at 11:59 P.M. Pacific Time. 
Group discounts do not apply during the sale. Here are the sale prices. 

*******New*******15 Feb 2018

Y-DNA Family Grouping App

A haplogroup is assigned with a YDNA test.
In order to provide our customers with the highest level of haplogroup confidence, Family Tree DNA provides a SNP Assurance program.
If a person’s Y-DNA haplogroup cannot be predicted with 100% confidence, the SNP Assurance Program will test your sample with our
Backbone SNP test for FREE.
We will automatically perform a Backbone SNP test in order to identify the haplogroup assignment.
Backbone tests take about 6-8 weeks from the time they are ordered.
FTDNA tests a panel of SNPs in order to determine your placement on the haplogroup tree.
Yes, The 'Feedback' link is still active and can be used to have us review an account that may be eligible
for the SNP Assurance program. When a haplogroup is not able to be predicted, it means that we must
run further tests on the sample to arrive at a haplogroup. Depending on the reason for the extra testing,
it may be covered completely by FTDNA.

Most accounts that have predicted haplogroups have not done any SNP testing. The only way to confirm
a haplogroup is to test certain SNPs. This means that accounts that only have STR tests on them will show
predicted haplogroups, while accounts that have done some kind of SNP testing will show confirmed haplogroups.
Keep in mind that if the lab runs a backbone test on an account, the haplogroup will show as confirmed even
though the member may not have ordered a SNP test.

Good morning all from a hot sunny Brisbane (Queensland, Australia).


I administer the Y-DNA Haplogroup I-M223 Project housed at FTDNA. The Project shows the Y-DNA results for men that have tested at FTDNA or transferred Y-DNA results from the National Genographic Project or the old AncestryDNA Y-DNA. People have to join the Project just the same as they have to join a Surname Project. Women are welcome to join as observers and contribute to discussions on the Activity Feed page.


Earl was our first Chambers member and had tested the Y-DNA STR markers then the I-M223 SNP Pack. This SNP Pack tested around 160 SNPs. Earl was found to be derived (+) for the SNP named, Y9443 which is downstream in the SNP tree for Haplogroup I-M223 (also known as I2a2a). What was so interesting about Earl’s results was that he tested ancestral (-) for the known SNPs downstream of the I-Y9443 branch node. This meant that his Chambers paternal line represented a new as yet unidentified SNP branch. Any other Chambers males matching him on the Y-DNA STR markers, would also be part of this new branch and share a common paternal ancestor or ancestors. Michael McDaniel also was a match to the Chambers Y-DNA. The new branch can be expressed as I-Y9443* where * means there are further SNP branching downstream. Of interest is that another person of French origin, Simon Mouls, had tested Big Y and was found to be Y9443 derived however he does not match closely on the Y-DNA STR markers. This infers he may be another new branch or both he and Chambers share a common ancestor a long, long time ago and may share only one or a few SNPs on the new branch before they both split away.


Earl asked me who would be best to test for Big Y so this new branch could be identified and named. It usually requires at least two testers matching at least one newly discovered SNP location, for the location to be named and the branch documented. I get the best results, I recommend at least three people test Big Y to identify and establish a new branch. First select the primary candidate, let us say, Earl, then select one with a documented relationship or close STR match, and select one that has a distant STR match or a different ancestral location and time to that of the primary candidate. So we get a triangular effect where we find the new SNPs that all three match and then the new SNPs that the two documented men match and finally the new SNPs that each has unique to them (for the time being) that represent further branching of their own paternal line in the family tree.


While I was not aware of your Chambers family tree, I suggested Earl (or his father) do the Big Y. My next suggestion was James Alan Chambers because his STR markers showed the greatest difference to those of Earl. I also suggested Michael McDaniel as he represented a possible further split from the new branch. I felt that this would identify the new SNP branch downstream of I-Y9443 and identify the new Chambers sub-branch shared by Earl and James as well as the McDaniel sub-branch.


Of course the more Chambers men of different family paternal branches that tested, the more refined the SNP family tree becomes. It enables matches without a documented connection to the family tree, to link into an SNP branch of that tree. Big Y testing is not cheap, costing $575 when not on sale. At the recent FTDNA sale one could secure the test for as low as $375. Perhaps members could pool together to get one person tested now then wait for the next sale to have others tested. We also recommend after Big Y results come back that the tester has his Big Y raw data BAM file analysed by a third party such as or Full Genomes Corp. YFull charges $49 payable after analysis while FGC charges $50 at time of order. YFull has a very user friendly site with a Y-Tree, online reports, groups, matching and regular updates.


I have done this with my own rare Roberts cluster where we match with the Y-DNA STR markers but cannot find the common Roberts ancestors back in Northern Ireland. We identified an SNP branch I-Y4714 that we share. Downstream of I-Y4714, we have identified five sub-branches, one shared by two Roberts. We also have one sub-branch for a Frazier (is he a Roberts or are we all Fraziers). Family Finder tests connect two sub-branches and another branch with a female Roberts ancestor in Northern Ireland. So in the absence of actual named men, we have named SNPs for our common ancestors where documented records do not exist or not been found yet.


Hope this helps everyone,


14 Jan 2018 (Korea time zone here):

13 Jan 2018

1. Look for SALES in order to save some money when wanting to do the Y-DNA111 and the Big-Y!

2. The previous primary administrator was not able to update her old site since her new laptop did not allow her to install Front Page.  Therefore all new results are shown on this site only.

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