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About us

The Chambers DNA Surname Project began in October of 2002 and we have had wonderful participation.  The Chambers DNA Surname Project was started so that we could identify common ancestors and we have had some success.

Please log on to FamilyTreeDNA and provide your earliest ancestors name, birthdate and birthplace within your personal profile - If you have not done so.

All of the results received, show that all Chambers and name variants belong to the same Haplogroup F that originated out of South Asia.  Haplogroup F is the parent group of G, H, I, J, O, R, T and many others.

Haplogroup F branches out to F1, F2, F3, F4, G, H, and IJK.
Haplogroup IJK (also known as F-L15) branches out to I, J and K.
Haplogroup K branches out to T, O, R and others.
Click on the blue letters above to see how Wikipedia documents the Haplogroup tree.

See yDNA Migration map here.

See more information about DNA migration at http://www.eupedia.com/europe/european_y-dna_haplogroups.shtml