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Are you a Traveller? The brand new Celtic Traveller DNA project is primarily for the members and descendants of Irish Travellers, Highland Scottish Travellers, Lowland Scottish Travellers, Fairground Travellers and other Non-Romani travelling families. However if you are Roma or mixed Traveller race you are welcome to join. You may suspect that you have Celtic Traveller ancestry in your family and not yet have a suitable surname project to join due to many reasons which could include distant surname changes, forced adoptions and forced resettlement. Scottish and Irish nomads (Celtic Travellers); more commonly and disrespectfully referred to as Tinkers, Pikeys and Gypos. Travellers are probably distantly related the sedentary Celtic folk, but have split from the general population way back in time with their own proud cultures, languages and unique genetic history still waiting to be told. Anyone who has 'Travelling' in their blood are welcome to join in and be one of the first to add their DNA and family story to our database. (Those who wish to join and share their DNA, but for personal reasons not share their surname will be respected if requested). Our general aims are to: • Provide a database of Celtic Traveller yDNA and mtDNA test results useful for personal and academic research • Enable participants to identify their ancestral origins and make connections with their genetic Traveller kin • Explore interrelationships between Celtic Traveller families and the settled population who share their DNA • To provide education and information on genetic genealogy and Celtic Travelling family history research • Encourage participants to join a surname or family and relevant haplogroup project Thank you