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Caverly, Caverley, Cavalier, Calverley, Coverly North America: Several Caverly Genealogy researchers have discovered at least five major branches of Caverly family descendents. We have not been able to link these branches together with documentation. This project started out is to try and determine if these branches are related.

1.) New Hampshire branch - William Caverly 1648-1732, married Mary Guptil.
2.) New York branch - Jean Cavalier 1644-1699, married Elinore de La Chaire.
3.) Ontario, Canada branch - Amos Mills Caverly 1786-1857, married Laney Loyd.
4.) Quebec, Canada branch - 1769-?, married Sarah Carpenter.
5.) Irish branch - James Caverly - ? , son Robert Caverly 1860-1953 (Pennsylvania) married Elizabeth Sullivan.
6.) Calverley surname connection. A very old English surname thought by some to be the origin of the Caverly surname.

Also refer to the "Guild of One Name Studies" for CAVERLY surname project:

There may be more branches to discover. For all of those interested in searching out their Caverly/Caverley/Cavalier/Calverley/Coverly roots get involved. Contact the administrator, Paul Caverly, if you have questions. We are especially interested in family surnames Calverley, Cavalier and Coverly to determine if there is a genetic link to the Caverly surname.

Please note: The reference to surnames Brown/Braun/Stutt/Bow/McInnes on this site relates to my wife's line and some of my maternal lines.
If anyone would like to order kits through the project to test their mtDNA please feel free to do this since you will receive a discount.