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About us

Cassidy - Ó Cassidy - Ó Caiside is an ancient Irish name.  There are many Cassidy variations, including Cassity, Cassedy and Casada.

All Cassidys are believed to have originated from the northern area of Ireland, now known as County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.  For centuries they were prominent in the arts and fields of medicine and religion.  Like other professional families, over time they moved out to other parts of Ulster province, all of Ireland and many countries across the world. 

The origin of Ui Caiside, the Cassidys, remains unknown.  There is a dispute as to whether they belonged to the Fir Manaigh, the first Celtic settlers of County Fermanagh, or migrated to the area in the sixth century A.D. during the time of St. Molaise who founded the monastery at Devenish Island.  Ui Caiside was closely linked to the monastery and had access to its school at a time when education was denied to most.

The project hopes to achieve the following goals:

* To determine possible relationships between other CASSIDY lines of Irish descent (including those in the British Isles and other countries).

* To assist CASSIDYS not sure of their lineage to determine which of these broad groups they might fit into and to be able to collaborate with others.

* To identify at least two male CASSIDY's from each documented CASSIDY line of descent to undertake Y-DNA testing, including the Big-Y.