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About us

The CASSIDY & Variant Sp Surname Y-DNA Project was established in 2004 to create a growing database of DNA profiles of male CASSIDY descendants to aid in genealogical research. DNA analysis can assist in supporting or refuting the premise that two or more participants descend from a common ancestor.

Y-DNA Requirements: Since a Surname Project in essence traces members of a family that share a common surname. In order to be relevant to the Surname Project, the tested individual must be a male that wants to check his paternal line (father's father's father's...). The test to be ordered is at least Y-DNA37. Females (a) don't carry their father's Y-DNA, and (b) acquire a new surname by the way of marriage, so they should look for a brother or cousin with that surname to be tested to join the project. 

The Y-DNA project encourages participants to be tested at the highest number of markers that they can afford, 37, 67, 111 markers or the Big Y.  Please go the the FTDNA homepage to order or upgrade your kit -

We are now planning to expand the Cassidy project to also include Family Finder results!  To be eligible to join the project you must provide details of your pedigree, including your earliest known ancestor CASSIDY ancestor, male or female.  Failure to provide pedigree information will result in your application to join the project being declined.

Details of your oldest (deceased) patriarch or matriarch will be added to our pages at Wikitree by the administrator.  It is up to members to add descendant information to Wikitree if they wish, whilst preferred, it is optional.  We will also list patriarch and matriarch ancestors 
on the 'Bulletin' members only page, together with applicable member kit numbers.  This will enable members to use the FTDNA Advanced Matching feature to check if they have other matches in the project.