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Scottish Clan and Family of the West March
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About us

As a clan and family, we have hailed from the West March of the Anglo-Scottish border in the region of Annandale in Dumfriesshire for well over 1500 years.Our ancestral home is a land rich in its peoples, culture, music and Reiver history, yet it has been harsh in its lifestyle. Our people have lived, loved and died for their family and country in this beautiful but harsh landscape,but it has made us who and what we are. It is therefore from this hardy stock that Carruthers have been melded over many generations into the proud family we are today.

As a family, Carruthers have achieved many things throughout the ages. We have been at the forefront of international trade, held senior positions in the military,have been academics, sports people, explorers, and involved in senior positions in the judiciary, to name but a few.

But from small beginnings in Annandale, we now inhabit all corners of the earth and through this project, and using the latest genetic tests available,we will attempt to enhance our proven genealogy and dispel the myths that bad research and false claims have left in their wake.

DNA testing and analysis will therefore help improve our knowledge base, from family connections and shine a light even further into our clan history and ancestry.This will all help bring the diaspora that is Carruthers even closer together,while enhancing that overwhelming feeling of pride and belonging for both the clan and the land and culture from where we hail.