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Scottish Clan and Family of the West March
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About us

Since the turn of the millennium, many Scottish Clans have launched surname studies. As a Clan, our priority has to date been to support a Chief being confirmed by the Lord Lyon. As of 2019, our Chief, Dr Simon Peter Carruthers of Holmains was confirmed of the Name and Arms of Carruthers, thus closing the first phase of our journey. The Clan Carruthers yDNA Project is part of the next phase and is fully supported by our Chief and the Clan Carruthers Society International, our parent organisation based in Scotland. It is administered by the Clan Carruthers Society -United States of America and will always be a work in progress but open to Carruthers worldwide. This Project has been set up to: • Advance our knowledge base. • Offer the opportunity to have DNA tests taken and analysed within the clan setting. • Allow comparisons within the database to establish genetic relationships. • Assist with circumventing genealogical 'dead ends'. • Identify family lines and interconnections within the clan itself. • Offer clarification of the derivatives of our surname as an indicator of our ancestral ties. It is important to remember that genetic genealogy is only part of the whole, and can be used as a valid tool to enhance and augment the work done by genealogical investigation but must be reconciled with the same.