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The North Carolina Carrow  and Delaware family have one perfect 37/37 marker match ,  and  a third person has a GD of 1.Two men from West Virginia also test out at 37/37 so the line that left North Carolina matches also.

More men are needed to test to try to bring in other Carrow lines and place them.Newer autosomal testing is proving female to female and male to female cousin matches back to 1750. Test Family Finder now!

We very much need to establish the European origins of the Carrow/Carew/Caroon early American settlers, which is all we have tested to date..

Most important is to establish links to European origins, which seem to be English in many cases. Hoping to test Carrows with West Country  UK origins .With  12 markers testing and autosomal testing at historic low prices we encourage males from certain UK area to ask for price reduction for the Y 12 test. Please help us achieve that goal! Contact the Administrator for details