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About us

The Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA Project, an independent public surname project, is focused on the male Y-Chromosome. We track Carpenter/Zimmerman and related such names via Y-DNA in this public Y-DNA surname study. 

For this reason we do not track or use mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA) or atDNA (autosomal DNA aka Family Finder) and other DNA tests.  

We need Y-DNA testing for this Y-DNA surname project. For details please go to our Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA Project web page at:

The Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA Project is part of the Carpenter Cousins Project

''All'' biological male Carpenter/Zimmerman Cousins are invited to submit a join request. 
Female Carpenter/Zimmerman Cousins are encouraged to sponsor a biological male Carpenter/Zimmerman relative and to submit a join request. 

The surname ''Carpenter'' is registered with the Guild of One Name Studies. See: - see also: