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About us

The Carpenter Cousins Project is a global One Name Study. The primary surname in the project is Carpenter with the variants Carpender, Carpentier, and Charpentier.

To account for immigrants to North America, who may have anglicized their surnames, the project also includes the surnames Cymerman, Sherbondy, Simmerman, Timmerman, Timmermann, Zimmer, Zimmerman, Zimmermann. For example, Zimmerman(n) is old German for worker of wood, and in North American, on occasion, the surname was changed to Carpenter.

The Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA Project is an independent, citizen science, public surname study covering Carpenter, Zimmerman and related surname variants.
''All'' biological male Carpenter/Zimmerman Cousins are invited to submit a join request.
Female Carpenter/Zimmerman Cousins are encouraged to sponsor a biological male Carpenter/Zimmerman relative and to submit a join request.
This Y-DNA surname project is open to all Carpenter Cousins globally.

PLEASE NOTE: The sister project is called the Carpenter-1-Name Project and it accepts all other types of DNA tests at FTDNA like atDNA (Family FInder) and mtDNA tests for the Carpenter One Name Study.

The surname ''Carpenter'' is registered with the Guild of One Name Studies. See:
See: also: https://one-name-org

This Y-DNA project is not a Haplogroup or Haplotype project, it is not a geographic or area project, it is not a deep ancestry project, nor do we track mitochondrial (mtDNA) or autosomal DNA (atDNA or Family Finder) results. This is a Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA surname Project only covering Carpenter/Zimmerman and related surnames.

The Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA Project is designed for those Carpenter/Zimmerman and related surnames who are seeking a genetic relationship to help complete a genealogical paper trail back to a common ancestor. We use ID codes and/or the word living to protect our members’ and relatives’ privacy.

Genetic genealogy requires sharing your ancestry and your genetic Y-DNA profile by showing proof of genetic triangulation. We use your Y-DNA markers to create a genetic profile or fingerprint. Those matching others are placed into groups that show their genetic and genealogical relationships to other group members. It is this combination that defines true genetic genealogy.

The 37 marker Y-DNA test is recommended.

For more details, please see our independent public Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA Project main web page at:

The Carpenter Cousins Project, the genealogical support page, is at: See:

Updated August 2018.