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About us

Welcome to the CARLISLE Surname DNA Project!

This project is open to participants worldwide, with surname CARLILE/ CARLYLE/ CARLISLE, CARLILL, CURLILE or any reasonable variant spelling.

This is a Y-dna study, so only males can be tested. Y-DNA is present only in males and passes from father to son, as does the surname.
Researchers who do not have the surname themselves or are female can participate
by finding a living male CARLISLE relative willing to do a Y-DNA test.

To order a test kit from Familytreedna at the group rate, use the 'join this group' link on this page.

****When joining, PLEASE send genealogical/ pedigree information to the project administrator.**** Even if all you know is your grandfather's name and what state he lives in, please provide that.
 Ideally, a straight-line pedigree from yourself to your earliest known Carlile ancestor with some dates and locations is fine.  Or, alternatively, you can create a Gedcom file with any genealogy software and upload that directly to your personal page once results are in.
Use tabs above to access other parts of the project web page.
For genealogical information on lines that have been tested, see the Results section.
Earliest known ancestors of project members are also shown on the Y-Results page.

If you are a CARLILE/CARLYLE/CARLISLE male who has already done a DNA test with FTDNA,  you can join this project simply by logging in to your personal page at FTDNA; then use the 'join' button, and the select "Carlile surname " from the menu of projects that appears.  If Carlisle project does not appear, do a search for projects starting with 'C'.

If you have tested with another lab , you are welcome to include/compare your DNA results and pedigree in this project by contacting the group administrator(s).  
If you have tested through the NG Genographic project, you may be able to join by transferring your results to FTDNA.