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About us

To help Carlisle researchers by supplementing their conventional genealogical research with DNA, to connect with cousins, prove and disprove relationships between Carlisle lines.

We will build a database to identify which families have a common ancestor, and sort and link various CARLISLE lines worldwide.
This can help researchers by providing clues about where to look (or not look!) for their ancestors. DNA research is another means for finding new cousins with whom to pool resources and share research.

A few of the specific current goals of some of the project's current participants:

1) To prove ( or disprove) a legendary relationship between the ancestors of participant #1 (from Pennsylvania) and the Carliles of Augusta Co., Virginia, which is the line of John Griffin Carlisle, the Kentucky politician. (For for on JG Carlisle, see below.)

2) To sort out any relationships between the various Carlisle lines who passed through Greene Co., Kentucky, with ties to Edgecomb, NC; Augusta, VA; and Jackson, TN, Montgomery, TN and others.

3) Sorting out lines of descendants from Edmund Carlisle of Georgia, and any relationship to Hosea Carlisle of Georgia and the Carlisles of Edgecomb, NC.

4) Prove or disprove relationship between Nathaniel Carlisle of Halifax NC and earlier Richard Carlisle of Prince George, Virginia.

5) Connect the Carlills/Carlisles of the Yorkshire, England area to their origin in Scotland.