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About us

The CARDEN DNA PROJECT is one of the earliest to have been established, the first six results being received in 2001. At that time it is believed that less than 30 surname projects existed.

The first 25 samples were analysed by Oxford Ancestors in England, but since late 2002 we have been using using FTDNA of Texas, through whom analysis is carried out by the University of Arizona.

Since this website has been created using an FTDNA facility, clicking the box marked "Y DNA Results" on the top left of this page will show all the results except the 25 analysed by Oxford Ancestors.

A 45-page book THE CARDEN DNA PROJECT is available from (put CARDEN in the search box). At the time of writing the latest edition is dated November 2018.

The project administrator is Arthur Carden of England.  Please feel free to contact me at