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About us

Project set up 24 May 2013

This Project welcomes all men from throughout the world having the surname Callingham, or a variant thereof, who desire to discover their common ancestry by sharing genealogical research and the genetic data revealed through DNA testing. If your surname is missing we will be pleased to add it.

In Europe the name is found predominately in the U.K in the South East of England. One of the earliest records being the birth of John Calengham son of William in Bramley, Surrey, England.

In North America, the name is found the late1700s when a Mr Callingham or Collingham was working and living in Labrador as a shipping agent.

In Australasia, the recently widowed Agnes Harriet Callingham arrived with her 6 sons in the Wellington area of NZ during 1874, some of their offspring went on to Australia.

I was brought up to believe that all Callinghams stem from a single individual  back in the early days of surnames I would like to establish how true this is and DNA analysis will certainly help. I know that in the 1800s they were so numerous in one village in Southern England that there was an annual cricket match ‘Callinghams against the rest‘  can you help us to find which village that was?

Or can you help us establish if Callingham and Collingham are purely linguistic differences in pronunciation or actually different family lines?
We invite you begin your participation by ordering the Y-DNA test today.

Surnames included:
Callingham, Calingham, Caling(h)ame, Calengham(e), Callingham-Woods, Collingham

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