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About us

The intent of the project is to: (1) Connect Butson branches that pre-date parish registers, so that there is no documentary way to connect them. -- (2) Identify uniquely Butson Y-DNA configurations -- and (3) Add to the Butson One-Name Study information.

Butson autosomal DNA matches are also sought. If you are a Butson descendant who has done an autosomal DNA test (Ancestry, 23andMe or Family Tree DNA's Family Finder), please contact the the project Administrator about uploading your results to GEDmatch for inclusion in the project..

The Butson Surname Y-DNA Project is part of the Guild of One-Name Studies Butson Study ( http://one-name.org/name_profile/Butson ). The master lineage-linked database (which contains related families) is on Ancestry.com with a frozen snapshot rolled out to the public website at http://www.wwjohnston.net/famhist/celtic-roots-tree

We want all Y-DNA tests to eventually do the full 111 marker test. But if you cannot afford that test initially, you can test at a lower level (37 or 67 markers - 12 and 25 marker tests are useless) and later upgrade to 111 markers without having to provide a new sample. If you do want to test at the 37 marker level, the Guild of One Name Studies offers a significant discount on this test, and you should contact the Project Administrator about this.