Bucher Beecher Becker etc.

B260 Soundex Surnames
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About us

Our goal is to identify all the immigrant ancestor lines for surnames that share Soundex Code B-260, such as Beacher, Becher, Becker, Beecher, Beicher, Beougher, Bicher, Biecher, Bisher, Bocher, Boecher, Böcher, Boocher, Boogher, Booher, Booker, Bougher, Buche, Buchen, Bucher, Bücher, Buchern, Buchter, Bucker, Buckert, Buecher, Bugher, Bushar, Busher, etc.

By taking a simple Y-DNA test -- sending in your saliva via U.S. Mail -- you can learn which ancestors you are and are not related to. The Y-DNA test must be taken by a male who has the surname (or any variant spelling.)