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B260 Soundex Surnames
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About us

This project tests males having surnames with B260 Soundex Codes such as Beacher, Becher, Becker, Beecher, Beechert, Beicher, Beeker, Beher, Beougher, Bescherer, Bicker,Bicher, Biecher, Bisher, Biser, Bocher, Boecher, Boocher, Boogher, Booher, Booker, Bougher, Buche, Buchen, Bucher, Buchern, Buchter, Bucker, Buckert, Buecher, Bugher, Bushar, Busher, Bücher.

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Y-DNA Test for Males

If you are a male with a surname similar to the above, please order a Y-DNA test to determine your father's father's father's ancestry. The less-expensive 12-marker test can reveal IF you are related, but you should order a more detailed 37-marker or 67-marker test that can better tell WHEN you were related -- how many generations ago -- and WHO you are closest to.

Family Finder Test

Females and males can take a Family Finder test (autosomal DNA) to determine relationships. Males are encouraged to order Family Finder in addition to Y-DNA.

View Test Results

Click "DNA Results" at left then the Y-DNA Colorized Chart to see our results. Within the chart each color band identifies a unique family line. Each row in that family is a male we tested.

Some of our findings:

  • Beechers in CT (John Beecher 1594-1637) match Y-DNA with 1600's Germans revealing their original surname is Bücher.
  • Bücher is the original surname of 1700's Pennsylvanians who today are Beecher, Beacher, Beicher, Biecher, and Bicher, all unrelated to CT Beechers. We are related to many Beekers of North Carolina.
  • Many different Becker families exist in America. So far, there is no predominant line.
  • Many unique Bucher lines existed in 1700's America. TN Booher males match Bucher ancestors in Lancaster Co. PA. Booker is often originally Bucher descending from VA.
  • PA Buchen males do not match any Bucher, disproving old family trees that assumed they were the same.
  • American males share DNA with males living in Europe proving where the immigrants came from.