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Welcome to the BUCHANAN Y-DNA Project hosted by FTDNA. BUCHANANs and MACAUSLANDS from around the world and their close genetic matches are encouraged to partake in this project. The testing to date has identified different groupings of Buchanans, including one group of significant size which represents descendants of the chiefly line of clan Buchanan. Recent developments in DNA technology are now allowing Buchanan family relationships to be characterised using family tree structures which are built out of genetic information. These recent advances, coupled with the considerable interest and participation by clan members, and the efforts of an associated analyst, offer excellent opportunities for descendants of the chiefly line in the following ways: •Identifies whether or not one's Buchanan lineage is descended from the chiefly line or from one of the other Buchanan groups •provides a developing knowledge of how the clan fits into the overall picture relative to other families (eg MacGregors) •instructs a developing knowledge of which lines represent which cadet branches of the clan •helps establish a link to one of these cadet lines to help direct genealogical efforts using paper records and written genealogies such as William Buchanan of Auchmar (1723) or John Guthrie-Smith (1896) •allows connection to other Buchanans around the world who are shown to be closely related for pooling genealogical information - this is a constantly changing picture as more and more results come in regularly •provides newly discovered mutations specific to particular lines which can then be easily/cost-effectively used to check if groups of Buchanans are related or not, ie "the Buchanans in the next town over - I've always wanted to know if we are the same line" •provides a potential way to identify and authenticate a Chief for this currently armigerous clan Please get in touch with the Project Administrators to find out more. "Clar Inis" Our position on the L21 "Big Tree" - http://www.ytree.net/DisplayTree.php?blockID=430&star=false