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The Y-DNA signatures displayed in the table below, identify the following genealogical lineages:

3845 descends from James Buchanan (b.1736) & Catherine Mackie of Kirkcudbrightshire and their son Alexander Buchanan who was a Sergeant-Major in the Ross-shire Militia in 1800. He has some close matches with Morrisons on the Isle of Lewis.

26046. This family lived in Yancey & Mitchell Co. NC (Toe Valley & Roaring Creek twps). Donald Bracknell BUCHANAN, parents said to be William G. BUCHANAN & Dove SPARKS. Information taken at the time of the Buchanan Hoax, lists the marriage of John & Martha WILSON BUCHANAN of Rockbridge Co. VA., beside it is typed "our great grandparents"??

17056 descends from James Buchanan (& his wife Mary) who was one of the defenders of The Alamo in 1836 and from Col. Arren Buchanan. The line remains in Texas.

29838 descends from Duncan Bohannon who emigrated from England to Barbados about 1650, and then to Maryland.

23284 descends from John Buchanan, of Virginia, who is said to have been at the Battle of Guilford Courthouse in 1781, his son William and grandson Alexander (b. 1836) were in Kentucky by 1850.

23068, this line comes from James Buchanan and his son Robert who was born in Salem Co, New Jersey in 1780. Robert's son Evan was born in Henry Co, Kentucky in 1805 and Evan's son Felix C. was born in the same place in 1829. The family then moved to Missouri.

57990 descends from John Buchanan Sr., born in either Scotland or Ireland, migrated with his family from their home in Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania, to the Watauga Valley, Washington District of North Carolina.  Afterwards, they took a long horseback trek to Kentucky, left their women and traveled down to the Cumberland Settlements in late 1778, building a station on the southern side of the Cumberland River above the French Lick, on the high ground where Nashville now stands, in the early spring of 1779.  His son, Major John Buchanan, known for the siege of Buchanan’s Station, is considered to be one of the founders of Nashville, Tennessee.

N19147 descends from William Buchanan who died before 1810, probably in Franklin Co, Pennsylvania, he may have lived in what is now the Vest Virginia panhandle. His son Daniel Houston Buchanan was born December 15, 1801 and died in Admas County, Ohio in 1850.

22854 descends from John Buchanan of Co Down, Ireland and Margaret Kearney of Co Tipperary, Ireland through their daughter Mary Gertrude Buchanan who was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, moved to Columbus, Ohio as a child, and married Joseph Patrick Boyhan.

45211 descends from J.(probably James) Charles "Charley" Buchanan, b 19 Nov 1826 Alabama, d 11 Mar 1890 Collin Co., Texas. He married 7 Dec 1846 in Shelby Co., AL, Nancy C. Harrison (16 Mar 1831 Shelby Co., AL - 20 Dec 1892 Collin Co., TX). Both are buried in the Snow Hill Cemetery near Blue Ridge, Collin Co., Texas.

46368 & 60247 descend from Andrew Buchanan and his wife Jane (surname given as Long and McNeilands) of Urney Parish, Co. Tyrone, Ireland, circa 1814. They had a total of 7 sons (Andrew, Charles, Robert, James, William, John, Samuel) and one daughter (Jane). Sometime between 1824 and 1843, the family moved to Binnawooda in Ardstraw Parish, Co. Tyrone. In 1848 the family left Ireland and settled in Perth Co., Ontario, Canada. Some of the family migrated in the 1870's to Manitoba, Canada.

70034 descends from Thomas Buchanan, born Glasgow, Scotland abt 1747, then William Buchanan, born Colton, Lanark, Scotland 22 Jul 1780, then Nathan James Buchanan, born in Barony, Lanark, Scotland 19 May 1811, then Nathaniel James W. Buchanan, born New York 12 Jan 1845, then Thomas Buchanan, born Springfield, Illinois 12 Jun 1903

41312 descends from Francis W.Buchanan b. 1838 NY, d. 1913 Miller's Mills NY, then George Arthur Buchanan b. 1870 NY, d. 1925 Millers Mills, NY, he married Greta Nichols Collison, NY. Their son George Arthur Buchanan b. 1904 NY, d. 1965 Prescott, AZ

18702 descends from John Buchanan, a miller in Strathyre, Perthshire, and is probably a Buchanan of Ardoch of Leny. John married Janet Ferguson in 1711 at Balquhidder and they had four sons including Donald who in turn had Duncan who married Catherine Ferguson in 1773 at Balquhidder.

96667 descends from Robert Buchanan of Castledurg, Co Tyrone, N.Ireland. His son William married Matilda Carson and the couple emigrated to Canada about 1847. Their son Robert was born in 1848.

18843 descends from Samuel Buchanan & Sarah Jenny Keys. Their son Isaac Buchanan married Nancy Arthurs and had a son Isaac Stewart Buchanan born 1824 in Tennesee.

22561 is from the Oban area of western Scotland where Duncan Buchanan (a shepherd of Cadderley) and Margaret McNiven had a son Julius Edward Buchanan born at Taynuilt in 1872. Julius married Rebecca Barnsley in 1898 at nearby Bonawe.

27462 & 31335 descend through the Buchanans of Gartincaber in Stirlingshire and through Drummakill, Ballachondachie, Balfuning, Little Croy, Blairennich, Finnick-Drummond, and Easter and Temple Ballat.

N22972 & 69929 both descend from Anthony Buchanan, a tenant farmer, and Elizabeth Hamilton of County Cavan, Ireland. Most of their surviving children immigrated to Ontario, Canada about 1850 and then later some of their descendants continued on to Michigan and Texas. Anthony was born about 1775, probably in Scotland, and died June 26, 1851 in County Cavan, Townland of Lisgray, although there is no paper trail from Ireland to Scotland. Anthony's given name is unusual for the Buchanan family and was never used again by any of his descendants, his children's names were standard Buchanan fare: William, James, John, Thomas, George and Henry. N22972 is a 36/37 Marker Match with 31355 and 69929 is a 37/37 Marker Match with 31355 & 64840.

21745 descends through the Buchanans of Drumikill, West Cameron, Merkins and Glasgow where John Blair Buchanan was born in 1864. His parents were George Stevenson Buchanan and Elizabeth Boyle Blair. The next generation emigrated to the US.

36719 descends from Thomas Buchanan (b.1788 in Virginia) & his wife Ann Butler. Their son Elijah W.Buchanan was born in Kentucky in 1810.

25270, this line has been in Pennsylvania since about the 1770s. Matthew Buchanan & Martha were in Chester and Lancaster Counties and were the parents of Andrew who married Rachel Gilleylen. Their son Hon. Andrew married Rhoda Stevenson in 1802 in Greene Co, PA.

10699, 31858 & 32668 descend from James Buchanan who was born in Kirkland (or Kirklane), Perthshire about 1780 (parents may have been John Buchanan & Janet Waddle of Kincardine, Perthshire). He moved to Glasgow and ?married Helen McCulloch. Their second son, John, married Martha Arbuckle at Eaglesham, near Glasgow, in 1837.

30642 descends from Jefferson V.Buchanan, born Walton Co., Georgia, in 1820.

54887 & 447653 descend from James Buchanan (1732-1804), who settled in western North Carolina in Yancey/Mitchell Counties (Toe River Valley) and married Elizabeth Willis. Many western North Carolina Buchanan families trace their lineage from either this James Buchanan or to his brother Arthur Buchanan (b 1743), who married Mary Boswell and also settled in this part of western North Carolina. A close genetic match of 36/37 markers has been found between these two lines (see 64840). Both James Buchanan and Arthur Buchanan are sons of a James Buchanan, who died ca 1751 in Charles Co, Maryland, leaving a widow Isabel and six children. 54887 (36/37) and 64840 (37/37) are also matches with 31335. Participant 54887 descends from James Buchanan through his son Joseph who married Sarah Jones, through son James who married Rebecca Ledford, through son Joseph who married Frances Johnson, through son Abram Johnson Buchanan who married Sarah McIntire, through son Wiliam Greenberry who married Lillie Melell Miller. This participant is closely related to 17454 and 64840.

62500 descends from: 1. William Perry Buchanan b. 1889 KY and Edith Robinson b. 1889 KY; 2. John Buchanan b. c. 1865 Pulaski Co KY and Mary H. Stringer b. 1867 KY. 3. John A. Buchanan b. c. 1823 Logan Co KY and Sarah Caylor b. c. 1825 VA. 4. Alexander Buchanan b.c. 1800 VA and Lavinia Shannon b. 1806 (not proven). 5. John Buchanan d.1820 in Pulaski Co (Arkansas Territory) and Jane Patterson (not proven).

63072 descends from John Buchanan (born 2 Jul 1795 in Halifax Co. VA and died 13 Apr 1860 in Trigg Co. KY). John married Elizabeth Ann Rowlett in Halifax Co., VA. They had 8 children. His 6th child, John H. Buchanan, born 1833, remained in Halifax County and did not go to Kentucky. Several descendants of the family are still living in this area.

64840 descends from William Buchanan (b. 1765 in Maryland) and Elizabeth Jones, and their son William Greenberry Buchanan (b. April 19, 1799 at Polkville NC on the first Broad River) and his first wife Mary (Polly) Burleson. Their son was also William Buchanan (b. 1828, probably in the Glen Ayre area) and married Dicey Greene; they had Marvel Buchanan b. Mar 28,1844 in the Bakersville area and married Judith McKinney (dau of Reuben McKinney). Marvel and Judith's son was Thomas Carper Buchanan (b. Nov 30, 1881) at Glen Ayre NC (half way between Bakersville and the top of Roan Mountain), he married Lelia Randolph and they had Charles Elmer Buchanan who was born Oct 21, 1906.

N43445 descends from John Buchanan (b.1736 in Virginia and d.1801 in Georgia) who was a veteran of the American Revolution. He was in North Carolina in the early 1770s before moving to Georgia around 1773. John and his wife Ann(e) had at least 6 children including William, Joseph, James, and John Davis and two daughters (names not known). The testee descends from James.

80760 descends from Charles Buchanan and his wife Cynthia Elizabeth Buchanan and their son Edgar Buchanan. Charles Buchanan was b. June 20, 1880 in Mitchell County, NC, d. March 13, 1950 at Blount County, TN. He married Cynthia Elizabeth Buchanan on June 5, 1899 at Erwin, TN. They had 10 children, 5 boys and 5 girls. The 5 sons were: Edgar b. May 13, 1901 in Mitchell County, Walter b. Dec. 24, 1902 in Mitchell County, Tom Harvey b. 1908 in TN. David Lee b. Oct. 7 1909 in Blount County, TN, and John Stanley b. April 25, 1920 in Blount County, TN.

N104752 descends from George Whitfield Buchanan b. Aug 2 1853 in Tennessee - (from the 1860 census) on the 9th of Aug 1860 he was 8 years old living in Piney Fork, Lawrence country Arkansas.  His father was listed as John Buchanan, age 65 (1795) born in Virginia.  His mother was listed as Nancy Buchanan, age 45 born in Virginia.  His siblings:  Mary A. age 11 born in Tennessee, Virginia S age 6 born in Tennessee, Alexr (assuming Alexander) C age 3 born in Arkansas.  Listed as living next door is Albert Branch Buchanan age 24 born in Virginia and wife Ursley J Buchanan age 23 born in Tennessee with son Junius A age 7/12 (??)  Albert is a son of John from an earlier marriage.  John and Nancy Clopton were married Sep 27 1848 in Lauderdale, Tennessee.  John’s first wife, said to be Margaret Brightwell died in 1848.  Records show John Married Peggy Brightwell on 29 Nov. 1819 in Virginia.  John Buchanan died 10 Dec. 1877 in Sydney, Sharp county, Arkansas at son George’s house.

120823 (living) descends from James Buchanan (born Glasgow, Scotland, btw 1834 & 1844, dec. Parkes, New South Wales, Australia, September 1918), emigrated to Australia, married in June 1863, Sarah Jane Perrett, then from 1st son, Sydney Charles Buchanan ('Black Charlie') (1863-1958), then 1st son Sydney Charles Buchanan (1889-1972).

141009 descends from John Buchanan, married in Aberfoyle, 1790. John had seven children: 1. Jean, 2. Mary, 3. John (b 1797, farmed at Easter Garthonzie, Callander and had sons Robert (grandfather of 141009) John and Walter all emigrated to Australia), 4. Robert, 5. James (b 1802, his son Robert also emigrated to Australia), 6. Duncan and 7. Patrick.

384190. The donor’s 4xG-grandfather was a Thomas BUCHANAN, a linen printer, who married Marion GRAY (1796 – 1878) in 1815 at Kilbarchan, Renfrew, Scotland and by her had William (1818, Kilbarchan – 1900, Trenton, New Jersey); John (1820, Kilbarchan – died young); John (1823, Kilbarchan – unknown, in 1841 was an apprentice calico printer in Kilmarnock); James (1826, Paisley – unknown, in 1841 was an apprentice calico printer in Kilmarnock, reported by one of William’s sons to have immigrated to Australia); Ellen (1827, Kilbarchan – unknown, not with family in 1841 census);  and Marion (1830, Kilmarnock – 1809, Rushworth, Victoria, Australia, married first Thomas James GOULD in 1848 in Kilmarnock and second William PARK in 1853 in Kilmarnock, and immigrated to Victoria in 1858). The family moved from Kilbarchan to Kilmarnock in about 1830. Thomas was not found in the 1841 census and Marion was cited as a widow in the 1851 census. Details of Thomas’s birth and death, parents, siblings or any other marriages are unknown.

384191. The donor’s great grandfather was a William BUCHANAN (1821, Monaghan, Ireland -1881, Gympie, Queensland, Australia). William was a miner. He married Elizabeth WALLACE (1811 – 1867) in 1838 in East Kilbride, Scotland, and by her had Elizabeth (1839, Kilbride, Scotland – 1916, Gympie, Queensland); Margaret Wilkie (1841, Bishopbrigde, Lanarkshire – 1878, Keyser, West Virginia, USA); Thomas (1843, Bishopbridge, Lanarkshire – 1890 Gympie, Queensland); Maryann (1846, Cadder, Lanarkshire – 1925, Sandy, Pennsylvania, USA); William (1849, Scotland – died young); Martha Matilda (1852, Cadder, Lanarkshire – 1940, Houston, Texas); and William (1854, Bishopbridge, Lanarkshire – 1938, Houston, Texas). William’s Irish birth record has not been identified and there is no record of William’s death in Queensland state archives (though there are newspaper accounts); consequently, there is no record of his parents.
The family tradition is that the family went from Scotland to Northern Ireland about 1750 where they remained for about 70 years before returning to Scotland in about 1830. The siblings of William (above) were John (1810, Ireland – 1891, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, who married Catherine MURPHEY (sic) in 1835 in East Kilbride, Lanarkshire); Thomas (1812, Ireland – unknown, who married Jane SMITH in 1847 in Barony, Lanarkshire); Henry (1814, Ireland – unknown but probably Australia, who married Christina HAMILTON in 1847 in Cadder, Lanarkshire); Elizabeth (1816, Ireland – unknown, who married John RUSSELL in 1848 in East Kilbride, Lanarkshire); Martha Matilda (1818, Ireland – unknown, who married William HAMILTON in 1844 in Barony, Lanarkshire). There is no tradition that identifies their parents.