Brooks YDNA Project

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About us

January 2018 Update - We have 347 YDNA tests which form 141 Distinct Family Groups.

DNA Participants are currently living in: AUSTRALIA, CANADA, ENGLAND, NEW ZEALAND, SCOTLAND, WALES & USA
Earliest Proven Ancestors in ENGLAND come from the following Counties: Bedfordshire, Derbyshire, Devon, Essex, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Hereford, Lancashire, Lincolnshire, North East,  Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Somerset, Suffolk & Yorkshire

YDNA tests are urgently needed so we can locate lost family links to Ancestors that migrated all over the World.

BROOKS Families resident in the UK are looking for genetic cousins within the BRITISH ISLES.

The project is made up of all people carrying the Surname today whether having the family name passed down through many Generations or carrying the Surname via Adoption or other Non Paternal Event.

The GOLD Standard for YDNA testing is having a 111 marker YDNA test combined with Family Finder and BIGY.

We look forward to Welcoming all new Members to the Project from any region anywhere in the World.

*We have a very high return rate and only had 7 tests not returned since 2003.

We have collected 597 Distinct BROOKS Family trees and these can be searched at: Brooks Family History - Please test your BROOKS Male YDNA and add your family to our database.