Brooks YDNA Project

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About us

October 2003 the BROOKS Surname DNA Project is started its first test: Kit:14383.
John Brooks is the Administrator.
2004 8 Participants.
2005 25 Participants.
2006 43 Participants.
2007 78 Participants.
August 2008 Carol Redd becomes the new Administrator for the Project & Nigel Brooks Co-Administrator.
2008 100 Participants.
January 2009 Robert Brooks Casey becomes another Co-Administrator for the Project.
2009 140 Participants.
Feb 2010 Due to work demands Carol Redd leaves as Group Administrator. [thanks Carol for all your help and everything you did and will still do for the project]
March 2010 Nigel Brooks takes over as Group Administrator & Robert Brooks Casey remains as Co-Administrator.
2010 176 Participants.
2011 206 Participants.
2012 250 Participants.
2013 278 Participants.
2014 296 Participants.
2015 314 Participants.
2016 348 Participants.
2017 375 Participants.

Yahoo Groups are set up for the general Brooks group and all respective Haplogroups. Members of this Brooks Family Surname DNA project are encouraged to request to join the general Brooks group as well as their specific Haplogroup as follows: - General Brooks research Specific to I sub-groups Specific to R1a sub-group
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Please make your request to join via the Yahoo Groups links above.