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Project Purpose

The purpose of this project is to determine the existence of common ancestors among the various Brock lines, along with their ethnic and geographic origins, and to match these Brock lines with documented Brock families.

As this is a surname project, the main participants will be taking the Y-DNA test and must be males carrying the Brock surname.  The Y-DNA (Y-Chromosome) test, which is only found in males, is passed from father to son, and remains nearly unchanged through the generations. A male Brock of today will carry an almost exact match of the Y-Chromosome his great-grandfather from many generations back carried.  As such, by then comparing each participants genetic markers we can then determine if they share a common ancestor.

Brock DNA Mailing List
The Brock DNA mailing list has been established for the discussion of all aspects of Brock DNA such as announcements, test results and the genealogies involved.  Join the list by sending an email to with the single word subscribe in the message subject and body.

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Which test to order?
Members receive a reduced group discount. The decision on which test to take depends on your budget considerations.  We recommend members take at the least the 37 marker test.  We have found that matches made at the 12 marker level can be lost on higher test.  When comparing your results to others who you have a match or close match to, the more Markers you have the more information will be available to confirm matches.  Also, when comparing your markers against others that you match, or are a close match to, more Markers will shorten the estimated time frame to the shared common ancestor.