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About us

The purpose of this project is to determine the existence of common ancestors among the various Brock lines, along with their ethnic and geographic origins, and to match these Brock lines with documented Brock families. As this is a surname project, the main participants will be taking the Y-DNA test and must be males carrying the Brock surname. The Y-DNA (Y-Chromosome) test, which is only found in males, is passed from father to son, and remains nearly unchanged through the generations. A male Brock of today will carry an almost exact match of the Y-Chromosome his great-grandfather from many generations back carried. As such, by then comparing each participants genetic markers we can then determine if they share a common ancestor. Males who do not carry the Brock surname but have a proven kinship through DNA are welcome to join the project. Also welcome are persons who connect to the Brock's through MtDNA. Brock DNA Genealogy Facebook Group