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The Britton project is open to men with the name Britton, Brittain, Brittan, Britten, Brittin, Bretton, Breton, Le Breton, etc. or to any man who believes he descends from a Britton male.

Our goals are to identify the various Britton families living today and to distinguish them from one another through the use of Y-chromosome testing; to trace the ancestry of these Britton families back to Europe and as far as records will permit in their country of origin, which for most will be the British Isles or France; and to identify Britton males and Britton lines from the Mediaeval period and attempt whenever possible to link these ancient families to their modern descendants.

In some cases, it may also show that two men previously thought to be related are not from the same family, either because genealogists have made errors in reconstructing the lineage or because a long-forgotten break (ie adoption , infidelity, change of surname, etc.) has occurred somewhere in the male line.

Testing should always be paired with historical and genealogical research,  because DNA tests do not show how two males who share a common ancestor are related to each other.

Please note that Y-DNA tests do not reveal any medically-sensitive information and that Family Tree DNA enforces strict policies to protect the privacy of individuals tested by the company.

Participants from the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, France, etc. are all welcome.

Since the Y chromosome is unique to males and follows the paternal line, Y-DNA testing is an ideal tool for genealogists hoping to trace their paternal ancestry beyond the reach of available documents. A simple, cheek-swab test will determine quickly and easily whether two males with the same surname share a recent common ancestor.