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B. Edwards B. Edwards
June 22, 2019 @ 2:47pm
HI there! Anyone have ancestral ties to Co. Tipperary, Ireland? My great grandfather Patrick Joseph Britton (1858-1930) was born there and family lore says he was orphaned. He married in Wexford, raised kids in Dublin, and then immigrated to Nashville, Tennessee. His parents might have been Patrick Britton & Mary O'Neal, but info is a bit sketchy. Thoughts?
V. Williams
August 26 @ 5:39am
Have you done the Family Finder test? If so please join our new project
V. Williams
August 26 @ 5:47am
Is this him? I also run the Britton Name Study on Wikitree so I've added him to our Ireland group.
B. Edwards
September 17 @ 1:44pm
Hey y'all! I haven't been here in a little while (maybe a month or so), but thanks for the info and adding me to your group. I am already a member of the Britton group here on FamilyTreeDNA.
Autumn (Borer) Kruer Autumn (Borer) Kruer
September 15 @ 7:49pm
Strangely, I also descend from a line of BRATTONS. A 9th g-grandfather was Robert Bratton of Augusta County, Virginia (circa 1712-1785) who married Ann McFarland Dunlap (widow of Alexander Dunlap). His daughter, Agnes Nancy (I've also seen as Nancy Agnes) married William Given(s).
Autumn (Borer) Kruer Autumn (Borer) Kruer
September 15 @ 7:43pm
My grandfather was William Jennings Britton, who went by "Ross." His father was William Lloyd Britton, son of John Wesley Britton and Julia Moon (Preston County, WV). The 1880 census shows the father of John Wesley Britton in his home, James Britton and his wife Elizabeth (Squires). James Britton was 74 years old in 1880, so estimated year of birth is 1806. The 1880 census lists the birthplace of James Britton as Virginia, his father's birthplace as Ireland, and his mother's as "Hanover" (so I assume Germany). Are there are any other Brittons of this line on this site?
V. Williams V. Williams
August 26 @ 5:38am
Hello everyone - I am very excited to announce a new Family Finder FTDNA project - Brittons of Ireland. We are particularly interested in the counties of Fermanagh, Donegal and Tipperary but all Brittons who were born, lived or died in Ireland are welcome to join. We are particularly interested in encouraging Y-DNA testers in group 9 or anyone whose oldest known BRITTON ancestor came from Ireland. Contact me through the administrators email box on the Brittons of Ireland page.
Les Shroyer Les Shroyer
January 13, 2019 @ 1:09pm
Been a spell. Bratton family ine to Philip John Bratton of CA. 1922 to 1967. Fa was Philip Allen Bratton of NE and CA I believe. Any ties please t o these folks by matches? Jean inTX
Les Shroyer
March 14, 2019 @ 4:27pm
Is anyone researching the line of Philip John Bratton in order to connect? He was born in 1922 Dallas. Married in 1942 Brown Co
Joyce Knutti Joyce Knutti
January 29, 2019 @ 3:49pm
My maiden name is Britton. Most of my Britton ancestors are from Parke County Indiana. I am the daughter of Leighton Marshall Britton and Hazel Louise Kelsheimer. My grandfather was Lindsey Allen Britton. His father was Eugene Britton. Eugene's father was Joseph Allen Britton. Joseph was a corporal in the Civil War, Company C 78 Indiana Infantry. Joseph was a carpenter by trade as were all of my male ancestors down to my father Leighton. Joseph built many of the covered bridges in Parke County, Indiana. Eugene his son later helped him. I have no knowledge of where our ancestors orginated prior to residing in Parke County Indiana. If anyone is of this family lineage I'd appreciate sharing any information we can to help each other.
Daniel Britton
January 31, 2019 @ 7:04pm
I have a Joseph Albert Britton born 1838 in Indiana and dying in 1929. His wife was named Mary and he had a son Eugene born abt 1866. If you think this is your ancestor I can give you more info.
Keith Britton Keith Britton
November 28, 2018 @ 1:17pm
Just saying Hi to some Brittons . I am a Britton from Bristol England. Britton turns out to be a very common surname in the small area from which my 19th century family came, around Keynsham, Bitton and Oldland Common, a little east of Bristol. I got my dna done by 23 and me, and now it is uploaded to gedmatch, find my past, My heritage and here. I have found a number of previously unkown and not very distant cousins (my paternal grandfather was out of touch with his family to the point where my father believed him to be an only child, all his life, but he was in fact 12 of 13) . I would be specially interested in anyone who has links back or info about Bristolian Brittons in the 19th century. There are so many that its the only branch of my family that I have struggled to get back with certainty into the 18th century.
Michael Britton Michael Britton
October 16, 2018 @ 12:38pm
Now that I've finally traced my immigrant Britton family back to France, it seemed useful to introduce myself. My Britton surname came from an ancestor who came from France, through Le Havre to NYC in 1848 with his wife and two sons. Today there are hundreds of us across Upstate New York and random locations across the United States. I'd spent years searching archives in Brittany to find my ancestors presuming they were Celtic Bretons. My haplogroup results centered along a thin band from Bern, Switzerland northwest across the French border. The French archives require you to search department by department (hence spending so much time in the northwest). Once I switched my search to the east, close to Bern, I found my French ancestors. Between about 1650-1850 they were "Bretegnier" from Clairegoutte, France and the nearby villages. Before 1650 they appear to have been closer to Bern. Anyway, there's a whole, huge, branch of "Brittons" because the Bretegniers Anglicized their name in December 1848.
John Le Breton John Le Breton
June 23, 2018 @ 1:58am
Hi, My husband is the new person in Group 3. He is descended from George Spottiswoode Le Breton who was born in Cornwall England in 1815 and migrated to Australia in 1836. I am currently checking research given to me which shows his ancestry to Jersey. I am very new to dna and am on a huge learning curve to understand and explain it to other family members. Regards Wendy Le Breton
Debbie Barrett Debbie Barrett
June 22, 2018 @ 11:14pm
Hello, I descend from Joseph Britton b. Abt 1786 in Monmouth Co, NJ, died 1870 in Cameron Co., PA. Although he lived a very long life, he only left 4 census records and 2 deeds that I can find. He may be the Joseph who married Anne Estel in 1814 in NJ. Cant even be sure of that. He's been a brick wall for 40 years. Hoping for a miracle here.