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Town of Guilford Records:


In Guilford, VT,there is a Peter Briggs (who is fromthe John Briggs of Taunton line), wholives in the north east section of the town, and the following information onhim was obtained from the Guilford Town Records:

Joshua LyndeBriggs, son to Mr. Peter Briggs Junior and his wife Born October the 17th, 1813.”

Book 1, page 398 (46), , Guilford, VT, obtained from the Town Clerk.


Peter BriggsJunior, son of Peter Briggs wasborn July 18th day…..1779

Eunice Briggsdaughter of Joshua Lynde and Sarah hiswife was born January 16, 1785

 Joshua Lynde Briggs son of Peter Briggs Junior and Eunice his wife…wasborn October 17, 1815.

Amasa Bixby Briggsson of Peter Briggs Junior and Eunicehis wife was born December 24, 1917

Albert DwightBriggs son of Peter Briggs Juniorand Eunice his wife was born at BrattleboroJanuary 25, 1820

Mary Jane Briggsdaughter of Peter Briggs Junior andEunice his wife was born at BrattleboroDecember 8, 1822

The three first children of Peter Briggs Junior and Eunicehis wife were born at Guilford andthe two last was born at Brattleboro, Vermont.”

Book D, page 428, , Guilford, VT, obtained from the Town Clerk.


A full genealogy of PeterBriggs is found in The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, ,” by Edna Anne Hannibal & Claude Barlow, Vol. CXXVApril 1971, pp. 77-90, Vol. CXXV July 1971, pp. 200-211, and Vol. CXXV October1971, pp. 268-281,:

“27. James Briggs(Richard3, Richard2, John1,) born in Norton 16 March 1718, died in Athol 6 Aug.1793, aged 74 years. He married in Norton 5 May 1743, Dameris White, daughter of Matthew and Dameris (Dean) White, bornin Norton 21 Jan. 1724, died in Guilford, VT


i.                    Rachel, b. 22 Feb. 1743/4; d. there 25 May 1763.

ii.                  James, b. 17 Jan 1745

iii.                 Caleb b. 8 Sept. 1747; d. there 2 Nov. 1755, aged 8 years.

iv.               Peter, b. 13 May 1749

v.                  Gideon, b. 3 Sept. 1750

vi.                Samuel, b. 15 Dec. 1752

vii.               Mary, b. 6 Nov. 1756; d. 9 Feb. 1834; mar. David Leonard.

viii.             Caleb, b. 13 June 1758

ix.                Isaac b. 1 Nov. 1762; recorded in Guilford, VT

x.                  Levi, b. 11 Aug. 1767; recorded in Guilford, VT


James father, Richard(3)Briggs, was born in Taunton 12 Jan. 1678/9, died in Norton 1 Jan.1732/3. He married Mercy Kingsburyof Wrentham. Children born in Norton:

i.                    Richard (4),b. 1711

ii.                  Timothy, b. 3 Jan. 1712/13

iii.                 George, b. 19 June 1715

iv.                James, b. 6 March 1718.



[Note This is also the same Briggs line where Eliphalet Briggs of Keene, NH & son Elisha are from. They descend through William, a son of John Briggs of Taunton].


Children of PeterBriggs of Guilford, VTin the town records:

Thomas Briggs, son to Peter Briggs & Prudence his wife,born January the 11 day, 1773

Jamima Briggs daughter to Peter Briggs & Prudence his wifeborn December the 31 day AD 1774

Polly Briggs daughter to Peter Briggs & Prudence his wifeborn July the 4th day AD 1777

Peter Briggs Jr., son to Peter Briggs & Prudence his wifeborn July the 18 day AD 1779

James Briggs, son to Peter Briggs & Prudence his wifeborn September the 25 day AD 1781

Amos Briggs, son to Peter Briggs & Prudence his wifeborn June the 14th day AD 1783 and died November the 7thday AD 1785

Prudence Briggs, daughter to Peter Briggs & Prudence his wifeborn May the 30(?) AD 1785

John Briggs son to Peter Briggs & Prudence his wifeborn May the 20th day AD 1787

William Briggs son to Peter Briggs & Prudence his wifeborn April the 29th day AD 1789

Caleb Briggs son to Peter Briggs & Prudence his wifeborn May the 15th Day AD 1791

Gardner Briggs son to Peter Briggs & Prudence his wifeborn July the 28 1793

Prudence Briggs wife to Peter BriggsEsq. died November the 4th day AD 1806”

From , Guilford, VT, Book D, pages 370-371, obtained fromthe Guilford Town Clerk


Other records found in Guilford, VT which appear to pertain to Peter’schildren:

“State of Vermont,Windham, Guilford,February 13th, 1794,then the ordinance of marriage was administered to Thomas Briggs and AbiahJoal (?) both of Guilford forme, Wm Bigelow, Justice Peace.”

From , Guilford, VT, Book 3, p. 458, obtained from GuilfordTown Clerk



“State of Vermont,Windham County,Be it remembered that at Guilfordthis 23 Day of September 1804, Mr.Benjamin Jones of Brattleboro & MissPrudence Briggs of Guilford was duly joined in marriage by me.

William Bigelow Justice Peace

The above is a true record,   William Bigelow, Town Clerk”

From , Guilford, VT, Book A, page 10, obtained from theGuilford Town Clerk


“State of Vermont, Windham County, Briggs &Pullen, Be it remembered that at Guilford in the county aforesd on thisfifteenth day of November AD 1807, Peter Briggs Esq. And Rebecca Pullenof Guilford in sd county were duly joined in marriage by me Lewis AllenMinister.”

From , Guilford, VT, page 157, obtained from the GuilfordTown Clerk


“State of Vermont, Windham County, Be it rememberedthat at Guilford in said county on this 22 day of October in the year of ourLord 1818 Mr. William Briggs and Miss Sally Ward both of Guilfordaforesaid were duly joined in marriage by me.

Ward Bullock Justice of the Peace.”

From , Guilford, VT, Book D, page 227, obtained from theGuilford Town Clerk


“State of Vermont


County   Be itremembered that at Guilford in saidCounty on the 20th day of March A.D. 1817, Mr. Gardener Briggs andMiss Fanny Richmond, both of said Guilford,were duly joined in wedlock by me.

Elijah Wollage, Minister

Copy of record

Attest, Elijah Wollage, Minister”

From , Guilford, VT, Book D, page 215, obtained from theGuilford Town Clerk


“State of Vermont,Windham, be it remembered that at Guilfordon this 27th day of Feb A.D. 1831-county and State aforesaid, Levi Stoddard Esq. of Brattleboro and Mrs.Sarah W. Briggs of Guilfordboth of the County and State aforesaid were duly joined by in marriage by me,Mansfield Bruce Eld.

The above is a true copy from my original book ofMarriages…Attest Mansfield Bruce, Clerk.”

From , Guilford, VT, Book D, page 264, obtained from theGuilford Town Clerk

[This appears to be the 2nd marriage of SarahWard Briggs, wife of William Briggs, Peter’s son. According to submissions byDave Ross on, search for ‘Peter Briggs,’ William married Sarah Ward.William died 6 Nov. 1823, Guilford, VT. Thus, this appears to be Sarah’smarriage after William’s death. Additionally, he has Peter Briggs Sr. listed asmarrying Rebecca Hayward, no children, after the death of Prudence Thomas, on 15 Nov 1808.]


“3.Also at So. GuilfordDavid Alverson Junior of Halifax andHannah Briggs of Brattleborough on the 15 day of September, 1799. PeterBriggs Justice of Peace”

From , Guilford, VT, Book C, page 238, obtained from theGuilford Town Clerk.

[On, submissions by “field” and “WestbyFamily Tree” show Hannah was born 4 Apr. 1780 Taunton, MA,and David born abt 1775, Halifax, VT.The births of their 3 children are recorded in Book 2, page 115, in the TownRecords, Halifax, VT.The parents of Hannah Briggs aren’t identified. However, the IGI index lists aHannah Briggs born 4 April 1780,Windham Twp., VT, father is Gideon Briggs, and mother is Abigail Briggs., Dave’s Database, search ‘Gideon Briggs,’ Gideon has a daughterHannah b. between 1778 and 1782, in a grouping of children born in Brattleboro, VT. Gideon is a brother of Peter Briggspreviously mentioned, b. 3 Sept. 1750, Norton, MA, d. 19 Jul 1826, buriedVernon North Cemetery, Vernon, VT, father is James Briggs & mother is DamarisWhite] .


Other Briggs records obtained from the Guilford TownClerk:

Marriage of April 13, 1874:

“1. Groom David Lynde                       9.Bride Lucretia Briggs

  2. Residence, Guilford                        10. Maiden Name, Pierce

  3. Age 59                                           11.Residence, Brattleboro

  4. Occupation,Farmer                        12. No.Marriage, Second

  5. No.Marriage, Third                       13.P. Birth, Sterling

  6. PlaceBirth, Halifax             14. Father, Joseph Pierce

  7.Father’sName, David                     15.Mother, Submit”

  8. Mother,Patience


An early ‘Prenuptial agreement follows this marriagelisting, Lucretia’s 2ndhusband was ‘Briggs.’]

From , Guilford, VT, p. 57, obtained from Guilford TownClerk.

[In the IGI 1880 census, the following information isprovided:

David Lynde, self, S, Male, W, VT, 67, Farmer, VT, VT

Lynde, George, son, Male, W, VT, 15, VT, MA

Place: Guilford, VT,FHL Film 1255349, NA Film T9-1349, p. 376D.]


Marriage of Oct. 5, 1880

“Groom, RussellH. Briggs                Bride, SittieE. Fesseredere (?)

Res. Hinsdale, NH                                Res: Guilford

Age, 24                                                Age,17

No. Marriage, First                               No.M., First

Occ., Farmer                                        Birth,Guilford

Birth, Summisah (?)                              Father,Warren

Father, Thomas                                  Mother,Jannett”

Mother, Elizabeth

From , Guilford, VT p. 86, obtained from Guilford Town Clerk.

[In the US Census Records for 1880, Russell H. Briggsis shown:

Russell H. Briggs, Self, S, Male, W, 26, VT, BrickMaker, VT, VT

Alma L. Briggs, Sister, S, Female, W, 29, VT, KeepingHouse, VT, VT

Henry M. Briggs, Brother, S, Male, 23, VT, BrickMaker, VT, VT

Cornelius Quinn, Other, S, Male, W, 32, VT, BrickMaker, VT, VT

Daniel Willard, Other, S, Male, W, 23, VT, brickMaker, VT, VT

Census Place,Hinsdale, Cheshire, NH;FHL Film 1254761, NA T9-0761, p. 81D]



Town of Vernon Records:


Obtained records of the following Briggs’ from the Vernon, VT Town Clerk

“State of Vermont

Vernon County

Be it remembered that at Vernonin the county aforsdon this 4th day of Dec. A.D. 1817 Pratt & Gratia Briggs both of said Vernonwere duly joined in marriage by me Samuel Silver Just. Peace” p. 719


“State of Vermont

Windham County

Be it remembered that at Vernon Windham County onthis 19th day of November n the year of our Lord 1818 John Coats of Guilford in said County &(?) Briggs of Brattlboro in the county aforesaid were duly joined inmarriage by me. Samuel Silver Justice Peace.” P. 485


Lestina,daughter of Asa Briggs and (?) his wife was born August 14, 1813.” Vol 1, p. 485


Death Notice: “#12 Sept. 5, 1866, Taylor Briggs 72, 9 mo, Place Vernon,Debility, Old age, Male, Place of Birth-Compton, RI, Occupation-Farmer, Name ofParents: Thomas & Lucy Briggs.Book A, p.50”


New York


Saratoga Area:

Briggs’s in the Saratogaarea who were listed as members of the Religious Society of Friends:

Abigail, rec’don certificate from Dartmouth MM  widowof Oliver  1790

Catherine,rec’d on certificate from Dartmouth MM (wife of Cornelius)  1795

Deborah, disowned at Eden Monthly Meeting,1819

George, rec’d,  granted certificate to Coeman MM, 1791                                           

Jeremiah, disowned, married out of unity, 1783

Jeremiah J., produced certificate from Oblong MM, 1782                 

Lucinda, rec’d on request, 1804                                                      

Mary, rec’d on request, 1824; member, died 51y 9 m 6 d                  

Oliver ,  rec’d on request, 1806                                                          

Rhoda, rec’d on request,1829                                                            

Sarah    rec’d on request, 1795                                                         

Sylvia disowned, married out of unity, 1795                               



Village of Rensselaerville:


Pension Application of Abraham Briggs, 63 years, Rensselaerville, NYin 1832,

Continental RI,Abraham Briggs S12287

States he has son 20 years old, daughter 18years old wholive with him plus 58 year old wife.

Mother: SarahBriggs, 81 years, of Whitestown, County of Oneida, State of NY

Brother: SamuelBriggs, 57 years: Abraham would visit them in RI during war.

Fought in RI & NY. Lived in Whitestown, NY in 1820.


Washington County, NY:


Asa Fitch Papers:“1826. Weir Family…Briggs & Manchester of Quissacook(?)’Old John R. Weir,coming on his crutches to my office April 27, 1870, I gather the following fromhim; his memory & mind being somewhat broken now, from 99 years of hislife….Briggswas from Hoosic where his father lived, and one of the first families in thetown; 500 acres, 2 miles or over, S.W. from Hoosic Falls. Briggs died 2 or 3yrs after  he came onto this farm by us;but his family continued there, his sonElisha working the farm. He married Deborah Weir, a cousin ofmine, &had a second wife. Elishahad brothers named Thomas & Daniel, & a sister Sarah.He sold out, long ago & went to his grandfather’s neighborhood in Hoosic,some years, & then to Johnstown, where he died, quite wealthy, last year,leaving several sons [see last paragraph-next page].” Obtained from the , Fort Edward, NY.

[Note: This is the area that Eliakim Briggs was from, whofled NY during the Revolutionary War, and went to Nova Scotia]





Town of Northfield


In , these additionalBriggs’s are listed:

Abisha* m 1823; Abrahamm. 1788; Asa d. 1797; Simeon 1800; Sardis1808-17; & Seth 1802 listed}

[Correspondence with the Town Clerk of Northfield, GailZukowski, states that between 1727-1838, only the following Briggs appear inher records: Abishur, Abraham, Asa,Simeon, and Submit]

Cemetery Records at the Robertson Memorial Library in Northfieldshow:

Asa Briggs, d. Jan. 7, 1797 in 26th year,buried Center Cemetery,Northfield, MA

Philenda O.Briggs,d. June 29, 1841, age 3; Eugenia S.Briggs, d. Aug. 11, 1828 9 mo; John R. Briggs d. Aug. 23, 1848 age 3-all are children of Samuel & M.A. Briggs


Other Northfieldrecords from the Dickenson Memorial Library Index:

Vital Record Book B

Leonard Briggs,son of Thomas & Azuba Elgar, b. Dec. 18, 1788

Abraham Briggs,son of Thomas & Azuba Elgar, b. Dec. 18, 1788

Polle, dau of Josiah & Hannah Permenter b. June  26, 1789

Asa Briggs &Submit Stratton, marriage intention dated Mar 1, 1797

William Malbe, Esqof Vershire, VT, & Submit Briggs marriage intention dated. Feb. 1799pg. 72-3.

Abraham Briggs& Dorothy Oliver, transient, married on March 10, 1799, pg. #76—B

[Note: Could this Abraham Briggs be the subject of thefollowing ‘Warning Out” from the adjoining Town of Bernardston, MA?: “To Capt.Caleb Chapin Con; Whereas Abraham Briggshas for some time resided in this town, & not being an inhabitant thereof,& in danger of becoming town charge, you are hereby directed forthwith towarn sd Briggs out of Town, & return to the town from whence he came,thereof(?) said not & make return of your doings, on this Warrant.


                                                                        JonathanSheldon   Selectmen

Nov. 12, 1785

I have attended the Directions of this Warrant Test. CalebChapin, Jany 30, 1786.”

,p. 272.]



William Maltby Esq.of Vershire, VT, widow Submit Briggs, m. Mar 10, 1799, pg. 80-B

Abishur Briggs,Elizabeth Kendrick of Winchester, NH,marriage intention dated Oct. 12, 1823, pg. 84-B


Vital Records Marr & Death 1795-1797

Asa Briggs &Submit Stratton married on May 9, 1797, Book AAA

Asa Briggs d. June 7, 1797


Vital Records, Section F


No Briggs


Albert Briggs,Sarah C Brown both of Erving, marriage intention dated Dec. 26, 1860

Albert Briggs,Sarah C Brown, both of Erving, married on Dec. 24, 1860.


Vital Records, Section G

Birth 1843-1854, Marriage 1843-1854, Death 1843-1854

No Briggs


Town of Gill


In the Town of , Part 2, the following intentionof marriage is noted: On p. 329: OriasRoberts of Gill & Philinda Briggs of New Salem—Entered June 14, 1829.

In , Published by New England Historical Genealogical Society, Boston, MA,1904, p. 48:

Gill Marriages:

BRIGGS, Philinda ofNew Salem and Ozias Roberts, on June 14, 1829.



Town of Athol


, by William G. Lord

On p. 117, Isaac& Levi Briggs are mentioned as having come in 1792 from Taunton.Belonged to the Baptist Churchand became Deacons.


Town of Greenfield


The following Briggs’s were noted in the compilation,“Cemeteries of Greenfield, FranklinCounty, MA,” in the Greenfield Public Library:

[Upper Meadows, 771 Colraine Rd., Greenfield, p. 116]

Henry Briggs,1823-1903

Olive Long, hiswife, 1824-1916

Annie L. Briggs


Russ Tyler


Maria L. Briggs,his wife



Town of Bernardston:


,Library Basement, Bernardston, MA:

Located the following information in the town vault:

“Intention of Marriage

Henry Cook ofBernardston age 36 by occupation a common laborer, born Malone, NY, son of John & Hannah Cook, 2ndmarriage, & Asenath Briggs ofBernardston, aged 46, born Bernardston, daughter of Cyrus & Asenath Briggs, 1st marriage. Dated 21 Aug. 1874, p. 45


Solomon W. Templeof Bernardston, age 34, occupation-clerk, born Bernardston, son of Parmenas & Hannah Temple, first marriage, and Melissa E. Briggs of Orange, age 20, born in Orange, daughter of Simeon & Elizabeth Briggs, firstmarriage, (no page but in same book as above).


Cemetery Records-Bernardston

In the Village Cemetery,behind the Unitarian Churchare the following Briggs’s:

Cyrus Briggs

d. April 18, 1887 (?)

Asenath Briggs, w/oCyrus Briggs

d. Feb. 14, 1881

Henry E. Briggs

d. July 9, 1871

Aged 35 years.


Town of Shutesbury:


Correspondence with the Town Clerk of Shutesbury,MA, shows the following Briggs in her town records:

AbigailBriggs daughter of Nathaniel &Marcy Briggs was born April 8th, 1770

Hannah Briggs daughter of Nathaniel & Marcy Briggs was born May 17th, 1773

Susee Briggs daughter of Job & Phebe Briggs was born May 15th, 1785.

Job Briggs son of Job & Phebe Briggs was born Sept 29th, 1786.

John Briggs son of Job & Phebe Briggs was born Sept 4th, 1788

Marcy Briggs daughter of Job & Phebe Briggs was born June 9, 1790.

Beaman Briggs, son of Job & Phebe Briggs was born May 112th, 1793

Amos Briggs son of Nathaniel Briggs Jr. & Lucy Briggswas born March 3rd, 1794.

Roxey & Achsah Briggs, daughters of Job & Phebe Briggs were born April 27th, 1796.

Stillman Briggs,son of Job & Phebe Briggs, was born Dec. 14th, 1798

Amariah Briggs bornFebruary24, 1800, to Job& Phebe Briggs.

Lorin Briggs born October 24, 1803, to Job & Phebe Briggs.

Hiram Briggs born June 6, 1809, to Job & Phebe Briggs.

Rial Briggs born June 6th, 1809,to Job & Phebe Briggs.


Town of Leyden


In the , Town Clerk’s Office, the following Briggs family is mentioned:

Enoch Briggsearmark is a hallors(?) crop in the right ear. May ? 1782”

“The desire of marriage between Owen Briggs & Margery Brown both of Leydenwas published June 28, 1786.”

“Mr. Owen Briggsand Ms Margery Brown both of Leyden was married May 17, 1786”

“A purpose of Marriage between Capt. Jabez Denison of Guilford and Ms Polly Briggs was entered inthe office Nov. 6, 1795.”

Judith Briggs Daughter of Owen & Margery Briggs was born December 9, 1797.”

Content Briggs Daughter of Owen & Margery Briggs was born January 6, 1800.”

Elisha Briggs son of Owen & Margery Briggs was born January 24, 1802”

Margery Briggs daughter of Owen & Margery Briggs was born April 29, 1795”

Eanoch Briggs, son of Owen and Margery Briggs was born April 29, 1795.”



Also, On 5-6-1816Joseph Briggs was appointed a surveyorof highways. In Town Records 1748-1874, Leyden, MA, and “Joseph Briggs, son of Enoch Briggs died January 24, 1824. Mr. Enoch Briggs died Sept. the 30th, 1815, aged 83 years

In , Leyden, MA Town Clerk,LDS#0768341, p.253.


Enoch and MariaBriggs children:

Thomas LattimoreBriggs was born Oct. 19th 1821

                        HughNewcomb Jr. Town Clerk

Henry, son of Capt.Enoch & Maria Briggs was born September 29, 1823

Elizabeth Briggswas born April 6, 1825

Frances CatherineBriggs was born July 27, 1826

Enoch Briggs Jr.was born March 18, 1828

                        J BarstowClerk of Leyden

Recorded April 10, 1829”

, Leyden, MA, Town Clerk, LDS #0768341, p82


Joseph Briggs, sonof Enoch Briggs, was appointed administrator of his estate Nov 13, 1815 by the Franklin CountyProbate Court, located in Greenfield, MA.Notices were directed to be posted at “the Tavern of Uriah Miller and the storeof Abel Carpenter in Leyden. Judith, Enoch’s widow, was allowed to keep “her wearing apparel andsuch articles as she may have occasion for, to the amount of three hundredDollars.” The appraisal of Enoch’s Inventory was completed on Dec. 26, 1815, was valued at$462.75, and recorded with the court

,Greenfield, MA



According to the , Enoch’s father is William Briggs, b. 11 Jan 1688, Little Compton, RI

Mother is DeborahBriggs.

Enock marriedJudith Wilbor 11 Mar 1756in Little Compton, RI


Elizabeth, b. 10 Oct 1714

John, b. 27 May 1716

Thomas, b 12 Sept 1717

Mary, b Aug1719

Sarah, b. 5 Jun 1721

Job, b. 4 Feb 1735

Susannah, b. 23 Aug 1729

Enock, b. 10 Mar 1732

Judith, b. 1735

Nathaniel, b. 30 Mar 1737

Priscilla, b.1739, All children b. Little Compton, RI

[Sons Enoch, Nathaniel, Job, and daughters ElizabethPeabody, Mary Record, Sarah Crandal, Susannah Crandal, Judith Woodworth, andPriscilla Briggs are mentioned in William’s will dated 16 Aug 1759, probated 6 Apr 1763. ]


William’s father isWilliam Briggs Sr., b.1650, Portsmouth, RI,d. May 1716 at 66 and mother is ElizabethCook, b. 1653, Portsmouth, RI,d. Aug. 1716 of smallpox. (both buried in Briggs Cemetery, Shaw Rd.)


Susanna (1681-1744)

John (1685-1712)

William (1688-1763)


Thomas (1693-1716,twin)

Deborah (1693-1773)

Job (1696-1727)

William Sr.’sfather is John Briggs, b1609 Darrington, Eng, baptized 8 Apr St. James,Clerkenwell, London, d. Nov 1690 Portsmouth, RI, and his mother is Sarah Cornell.





Job (1648-1733)


 Enoch (-1734).

This John arrived on the Blessing in 1635, and was afollower of Anne Huntchinson, who advocated a personal relationship with God asopposed to following church doctrine, and on the advice of Roger Williams, fledto RI and purchased Aquidneck Island.





Town of Winchester


*Abisher Briggs appears in the Vital Records for Winchester, NH which adjoins Northfield:Deaths:

BRIGGS, Abisher,   57xx, May 26, 1856

BRIGGS, Elizabeth    daughter of Abisher & Elizabeth,21xx   Apr. 14, 1851

BRIGGS, Thomas       son of Abisher & Elizabeth, 21xx Sep. 13, 1847”

, Town of Winchester, NH, p.4.




City of Providence


Mr. William Briggsof Providence in the County of Providence and Sarah Roberts Daughter of Tom PeterRoberts of said Providence (?) was lawfully joined together in marriage in Providencethe 25th Day of December Anno Domini 1746 by me John Burton JusticePeace.”

From Providence, RI


Town of Tiverton


In the Tiverton Town Records, are the following Briggs:

The bearth of the children of Lovet Briggs and FreeloveBriggs his wife are as followeth:

Fobes Briggswas born September 29th, 1737

William Briggswas born September 19, 1743

Zada or Zadd Briggswas born September 13, 1745

John Briggs wasborn October 4, 1747

Ephraim Briggs wasborn June 21, 1749

Sarah Dring daughter of Freelove Briggs was born September the seventh A.D. 1731

From ,6 Sept. 1972 {Copied at theRI Historical Society in Providence, RI}


Tiverton, RI:

The age or offspring of ye Children of John Briggs & Hannah his wife is asfolloweth: Edward Briggs was bornFebuary ye 19, 1718, p. 25


The age & offspring of ye children of Edward Briggs & Sarah his wife isas followeth:

Walter Briggswas born fevruary ye 19th 1701

Josiah Briggswas born march ye 4th 1703

Charles Briggswas born February ye 20th 1711

Deborah Briggswas born March ye Eleventh 1693

Hannah Briggswas born December 19th 1698, p. 26


The bearths of ye children of Lovet Briggs & Frelove Briggs his wife are as followeth:

Fobes Briggswas born September ye 25th 1737

William Briggswas born September ye 19th 1743

Zada Briggs wasborn September ye 13 1745

John Briggs wasborn October ye 4 1747

Ephraim Briggswas born June ye 21 1749

Sarah Dring Daughter to ye to Frelove Briggs was born September the seventh A.D. 1731, p. 55


The age & offspring of the children of Josiah Briggs and Lillis Briggs his wifeare as followeth:

Sarah [looks likeLariah] Briggs was born February ye 21 A.D. 1752 about five o clock in yeafternoon of ye day.

Ephraim Briggswas born June the 29th A.D. 1750, p. 61


The age and offspring of the children of Nathaniel Briggs and Sarah Briggs hiswife is as followeth

Philip Briggstheir first son was born May the sixth A.D. 1762, p. 86


The following was copied from , Book 2, Tiverton, RI:

Sept. 7, 1750William Almy of Tiverton & PhebeBriggs of Little Compton were married.


There may certifie all persons whom it may concern that Thomas Briggs of Beekmans precinct in the province of new york & Elizabeth Cookof Tiverton in the County of Newport were lawfully joined in marriage inTiverton on the twenty fourth Day of May in the fifth year of his majestiesreign George the Third A.D. 1761. Refteome? SanfordJustice Peace, p. 29


There are to certify to all persons to whom it doth or mayconcern that William Briggs of Dartmouthand Patience Wodell of Tiverton were lawfully joined together in marriagein Tiverton the third day of January A.D. 1768 by me the subscriber John BowenJustice of the Peace, p. 56


I do hereby certify that Willard Briggs of Tiverton son of Mary Briggs and Elizabeth Graydaughter of Edmund Gray of said Tiverton deceased were lawfully joinedtogether in marriage in said Tiverton on the fifteenth day of October A.D. 1778by me the subscriber Walter Cook Justice Peace, p. 81



The names of those that were inhabitants of Tiverton whenit was made a town-by order of court-March the 2nd A.D. 1692

Edward Briggs

John Briggs, p.1


Edward & SarahBriggs Children

Walter             Feb. 19            1701

Elias                March 4           1703

Charles           Feb 20             1711

Peleg               March 11         1693

Hannah           Dec. 19            1698


Lovet & FreloveBriggs Children

Fobes              Sept 27            1737

William           Sept 19            1743

Zada                Sept 13            1745

John                Oct. 4              1747

Ephraim          June 21            1749


Josiah & LillisBriggs Children

Sarah              Feb 21             1752

Ephraim          Jan 29              1756



In Births 1756-1812, Book No. 4, Tiverton, RI:

The age and bearthes of the children of Gissney? Briggs a woman of color

Rachael Briggswas born February 10, 1777

Henry Briggsborn October 18, 1781

Zebeazeer Briggsborn March 22, 1783, p. 1


The age and bearths of the children of David Durfee and Patience his wife are as follows

Nathaniel BriggsDurfee born Tuesday morning September 29th day A.D. 1812, Died November 9, 1872, p. 51


The age and births of the children of the ? John Briggs and Betsy his wife are asfollows

Elizabeth HaskillBriggs born June 30th A.D. 1793

Mary Cheny Briggsborn March? A.D. 1798

John Cheny Briggsborn February 10 A.D. 1800,p. 116


In Town Meetings, Births, Marriages, Deaths, Tiverton, RI 1697-1732:

Thoar is an intention of marriage between Jonathan Hart and Mary Briggs both ofTiverton into of March ye 26 1733


In the RI Historical Society, the Vital Records of RI arefound in the :

Town of Tiverton

1-55 Briggs, Zadd                                          b. Sept. 13, 1745

1-55 Briggs, Fobes,of Lovet & Frelove       b. Sept. 27, 1737


Town of Little Compton

78 Briggs, Lovet,of William & Elizabeth     d. Feb 1, 1712

                  Lovet                                             d. Feb. 3, 1713

56              Lovet                                            ________1730


1-245    Lovet of Little Compton & FreeloveDring of Tiverton married at Portsmouthby Willain Sanford, Justice, Nov. 23, 1735

1-246    174  Lovetof Little Compton & Freelove Dring of Tiverton, Intention October 5, 1735


1-301 Briggs, Townsendof Cranston and Sarah Blanchard, of John of Warwick,April 21, 1755


Lowell’s Spirit of ’76-Index

85 Townsend Briggs,private, Col. Elliott’s regiment, 1776




Washington County


Index to Washington County Marriages, from , at Washington County Public Library, 615Fifth St., Marietta, OH:


Abigail 28 [toJohn Miller 24 Dec. 1818, both residents Washington County]

Anna 243, 751[1864]

Armina 374[1877]

Asa 24 [toPhilander Nott 26 March 1816, both residents Washington County]

Catharine 15[to David White 22 June 1809, both residents Washington County]

Charles 729[very late date]

Dean 68 [toSally Scott 12 March 1835,both residents Washington County]

Elizabeth93 [to Augustus Sprague 30 Sept. 1841, both residents Washington County]

Evert 514[1891]

Frances 169 [(Mrs.) to SolomonSherrey 22 Aug 1854, both residents Wash. Cty]

Hannah 29 [toJohn Wiser 18 June 1819, both residents Washington County]

Marcus 32 [D. to HighleyWoodward 10 Aug 1820, both residents Washington County]

Maria 104 [toWilliam Fearing 23 Nov 1843, both residents Washington County]

Mattie 513[1891]

Perceval 130[to Mary Pixley 7 Nov 1848, both residents Washington County]

Sabinus 226[Sr. to Elizabeth McClure 5 June 1862,both residents Washington Cty]

Zara 26 [to Sally Penny31 July 1817, both residents Washington County]



,Marietta, Ohioby Owen Hawley

Buried is

Briggs, son ofS__________

D. 11 July 1823,Summer Epidemic

RX  LX  “ [no stone & location unknown]


There is a marriage between a Hannah Briggs & John Weiser on June 18, 1819 in Marietta, OH,by James Whitney, JP, in the Washington County Marriage Records.


In Karen Maver Green, The Frontier Press, Galveston, 1986: VolumeIII, Monday, 16 April 1804,No. 200. John Briggs, lots for salein West Union, p. 218

Volume II, Thursday 10 October 1801, No. 77. Lieut. Charles Briggs & Samuel Briggs [whereby “Lieut. Col.E. Langhan & Lieut Col. James Dunlap give regimental orders and mentionthem amongst many others].p. 189

Volume VI, Monday, 7 October 1805, No. 273, & Volume VI, Thursday, 3 April 1806, No. 298. Joseph Briggs at High Bank  [In a list of letters at the Chillicothe PostOffice]. p. 237 & 244.

On p. 39, AnnBriggs is listed as the administratrix of the estate of Walter Briggs of Union Township, Ross County

Volume XIII, Monday, 30 January 1815, No. 725, ThomasBriggs is listed as having a letter left in West Unionat the Post Office.


In the , p. 634it is stated with regard to the vast amounts of sandstone in the area: “At thepresent time the principal quarried are owned by Calvin Finch, J.H. Demming,H.H. Cole, P.L.Cole, Mr. O’Connor, and DeanBriggs. Dean Briggs, also lived on property formerly owned by CaptainWillard Green, an early settler, p. 635.

Case at Court of Common Pleas, Marietta, OH, John Doe, ex demise Nathan Ward,Benjamin Strong, John Aspinwall, Joseph Strong & George W. Strong vs. Dean Briggs, dated July 3, 1847, involving an ejectment actionagainst Dean & numerous other parties. Dean prevailed. From, p. 185 & ,Marietta Civil Court, Marietta, OH.




Lewis County




Briggs, Philander F. to Feagans,Mary Ann 1841


From the cemetery book, “Cemeteries of LewisCounty” by Lulu G. Cox:

Briggs, P.F. 03/01/1816 & d. 11/19/1898-Born in NY

Briggs, Mary Ann, b. 12/14/1816 & d. 07/04/1884.


In Town Records:

-Marriage of ReubinA. P. Biggs to Salina Carer December, 16, 1858 MB’E” p. 207

-Marriage of WilliamBiggs to Jesse Alley, May 4, 1880, parentsbirthplace unkn.

-Marriage of JohnBriggs to Emma Plummer on Jan 22, 1901. John, farmer b. Ohio, 23 years old,& parents b. Ohio.

-Marriage of VirgilCooper and Edna Briggs, on Nov. 29, 1926, she b. Adams Co., OH, daughter of Peter Briggs & Mary E. Briggs, 17yrs old, witnesses Mary E. Briggs & Gilbert Briggs. Husband also b. AdamsCo., Ohio, ResidenceBerna Vista, Ohio.

-Marriage of RaymondJoseph Watts & Elizabeth Clark Briggs, Aug. 1, 1936she b. Huntington, Ind to A.T. (or F) Briggs & Minnie B. Briggs

-Marriage of Virgil R. Briggs, 63 yrs, divorced, to Lara Warnack on Dec 10,1955, he b. Sasto? Co., Oh, son of W.M. Briggs & Mary Hunter

From: , Shirley A. Hinton, P.O.Box 129, Vanceburg, KY 41179


West Virginia


Wood County


“This is to certify that Jackson Uhl and Miss Nancy J. Briggswere united in Holy matrimony on the 21st day of October 1852 byvirtue of a license from the Clerk’s office of Wood Co., Va.

October 21, 1852                    By me.


                                                Ministerof the Gospel


H.H. Dills. C.W.C.C.

From: , Book 1, Page 74, Parkersburg, W. Va.



Date Married                Minister            Names of Persons Married

1848—Jan. 4               DavidReed      Elijah N. Briggs & Caroline R. Cook

From: , Book 1, Page 61, Parkersburg, W. Va.


[PA Briggs information courtesy of Mona Anderson,, posted on]


Perry Co.

Briggs, F. C.; Emma Shuman People's Advocate and Press, New Bloomfield,
March 9, 1904 Married Briggs--Shuman.--On the 6th ult., in Bellefonte,
by Rev. Dr. Laurie, F. C. Briggs, of N. Y. City, to Miss Emma Shuman,
formerly of Ickesburg, this county.

Warren County

Briggs, Ira; Margaret Jones, Ira Briggs and Margaret Jones were married
Sep 1833 in Warren Co. (Source: DAR Magazine, Vol. 50, p. 72.)

Northampton County

Briggs, Benjamin; Mary Capehart, Benjamin Briggs, of Lower Dublin, and
Capehart, of Byberry, were issued a marriage certificate on 19 Mar
(Source: Northampton Co., Pa. Marriage Licenses by Isaac Hicks, Esq.)

Philadelphia County

Hallman, Isaac; Lydia Dutton Briggs, Isaac Hallman and Lydia Dutton
Briggs were married Aug. 13, 1867 at St. Matthew's Church. (Source:
History of St. Matthew's Church Francisville, Philadelphia, 1822-1925, by
Franklin Spencer Edmonds, 1925, p. 290.)

Lewis, John S.; Mary J. Briggs, John S. Lewis and Mary J. Briggs were
married April 15, 1858 at St. Matthew's Church. (Source: History of St.
Matthew's Church Francisville, Philadelphia, 1822-1925, by Franklin
Spencer Edmonds, 1925, p. 289.)

Fulton County

Newell, Michael; Briggs, Donna, Michael Newell, Harrisonville, PA and
Donna Briggs, Warfordsburg, PA applied for a marriage license at the
Fulton County Courthouse, McConnellsburg, PA in February 1984. (Source:
Fulton County News, McConnellsburg, PA; 9 February 1984)

Franklin County

Briggs, Jonathan; Gilliland, Peggy, Jonathan Briggs & Peggy Gilliland
were married in 1821 by the Rev. A. A. McGinley, D.D. (Source: Franklin
County, PA Marriage Records; from Upper & Lower Path Valley, Metal &
Fannett Townships)

Briggs, Jonathan; Gilliland, Miss, Jonathan Briggs & Miss Gilliland
were married in 1810 or 1816 (numbers smudged) by the Rev. A. A.
McGinley, D.D. (Source: Franklin County, PA Marriage Records; from Upper &
Lower Path Valley, Metal & Fannett Townships)

Chester County

Briggs, Isaac; Mary Vaugn Married Jan 1,1829, by Rev. Wm. Hodgson.
Both of Newtown. Chester Co., PA

Bucks County

Trego, Robert S.; Sarah T. Briggs Married Oct 19,1831, by Friends
Mtg. Fallsington. Both of Bristol. (Source Bucks Co. Intelligencer).

Hill, William; Mary Briggs, William Hill of Wrightstown and Mary
Briggs of Buckingham were married by John Shaw, Esq. on Dec. 3, 1805.
(Source: Pennsylvania Correspondent and Farmers Advertiser, Doylestown,
Pa., 1805.)

Clayton, Amos K; Elizabeth Briggs Married Dec 27,1854, at the
residence of the Mayor,in Philadelphia,by Friend's ceremony. Both of
Newtown. (Source Bucks Co. Intelligencer).

Brooks, Simon; Sarah Briggs Married Feb 20,1851, in Doylestown, by
Rev S.M. Andrews. Both of Newtown. (Source Bucks Co. Intelligencer).

Briggs, William S; Elizabeth Large Married Sept 15,1836, by James
B. Bowen. William of Newtown and Elizabeth of Buckingham. (Source Bucks
Co. Intelligencer).

Briggs, Thomas; Rebecca Trego Married Dec 24,1838, by Harvey
Yardley Esq. Both of Newtown Twp. (Source Bucks Co. Intelligencer).

Briggs, Theodore S; Sarah Leedom Married Dec 28,1837,at the house
of John Smith, in Lower Makefield, by M.H. Jenks Esq. Both of Bucks Co.
(Source Bucks Co. Intelligencer).

Briggs, Francis T; Ruth H. Sefler Married Mar 5,1853, in

Briggs, Caleb; Mrs. Hannah Briggs Married 1844 on Wed.last. Caleb
of Benton and Hannah Briggs,Potter in Potter, by Israel Comstock. The
parties are both heroes of the Revolution, the former about 80 and the
bride 75, and this marriage gives her a third husband of the name
Briggs. (Source Bucks Co. Intelligencer).

Briggs, Amos; Joanna Cheston Married Oct 15,1846, by Elder Charles
Henry Plummer. Amos Esq a Student at Law, Philadelphia and Joanna of
Bristol Twp, Bucks Co. (Source Bucks Co. Intelligencer).

Balderston, Mahlon W; Sallie S. Briggs Married Dec 16,1858, in
Trenton, by Friend's ceremony,before Mayor Franklin S. Mills. Both of
Bucks Co. (Source Bucks Co. Intelligencer).

Briggs Edmund; Elizabeth Randall Dec 31,1831, by Isaac Boileau
Esq. EDmund of Kensington and Elizabeth of Bucks Co. (Source Bucks Co.

Sandman, Jacob; Sarah Briggs Married Sept 7,1829, by Mahlon V.
Booskirk Esq. Both of Warminster. (Source Bucks Co. Intelligencer).

Briggs, Benjamin; Mary Capehart Married Mar 19,1829, by Isaac
Hicks Esq in Newtown. Benjamin of Lower Dublin and Mary of Byberry. (Source
Bucks Co. Intelligencer).

Briggs, Jacob V; Ann Eliza Blakeley Married Sept 7,1826, by Rev
Montayne. Both of Middletown. (Source Bucks Co. Patriot).

Briggs, David S; Rebecca Simpson Married Jan 9,1823, by Rev
Patterson. David of Upper Makefield and Rebecca dau of John Simpson Esq.
(Source Pennsylvania Correspondent).

Briggs, John; Sarah White Married Jan 16,1821, by Isaac Hicks Esq,
in Newtown. Both of Falls Twp. (Source Pennsylvania Correspondent).

Beans, Seneca; Ann Briggs Married Nov 22,1820, by Wrightstown
Frds, Mtg. Seneca of Lower Makefield. and Ann dau of Amos Briggs of
Newtown. (Source Pennsylvania Correspondent).

Conrad, Dennis; Diadamia Briggs, Dennis Conard or Conrad cert. to
Westn. 8.31.1791 to marry Diadamia Briggs; cert. to N. Garden 6.26.1799
with wife Deidamia and four minor children, John, Edmund, Ascenath and
William. (Source: Records of Horsham Monthly Meeting, Bucks County,

Buckman, Stacy; Sarah Ann Briggs Married Feb 20,1834, both of
Newtown. (Source Bucks Co Intelligencer).

Speakman, Micajah; Sarah Briggs Married Oct 17,1833, at Friend's
Meeting, Newtown. Micajah of West Nantmeal, Chester Co, and Sarah of
Newtown, Bucks Co. (Source Bucks Co Intelligencer).

Stackhouse, Joseph; Mary Ann Briggs Married Mar 25,1858, Mary
eldest dau of Samuel S, all of Middletown, at the house of her father, by
Friend's ceremony. (Source Bucks Co. Intelligencer).

Robinson, James M; Deborah E. Briggs Married Mar 15,1854, Deborah
dau of Mahlon, Esq, all of New Hope, in Phila, by Friend's ceremony,
before Mayor Gilpin. (Source Bucks Co. Intelligencer).

Maxwell, Jacob G; Mrs. Hannah M. Briggs Married Jan 17,1860, in
Trenton, by Rev George R. Darrow, No. 10 Perry St. Jacob of Phila and
Hannah of Camden, N.J. (Source Bucks Co. Intelligencer).

Murray, Samuel; Martha Briggs Married: Nov. 6, 1802. (Presbyterian
Church marriage records, Churchville, Bucks Co. 1738-1810)

Knight, Strickland; Caroline Briggs Married Nov 2,1843, by Moses La
Rue, Esq. Both of Byberry Twp, Phila Co. (Source Bucks Co.

Hillborn, Isaac H; Carrie E. Briggs Married Dec 30,1858, at the
house of James Briggs, according to the order of Friends. Isaac of Newtown
and Carried of Solebury. (Source Bucks Co. Intelligencer).

Hawk, John; Sarah Ann Briggs Married Feb 21,1850, in Philadelphia,
Rev ? Both of Bucks Co. (Source Bucks Co. Intelligencer).

Harvey, Samuel Cary; Ruthanna Briggs Married Mar 20,1856, at the
house of Samuel Briggs, by Friend's ceremony. Both of Middletown. (Source
Bucks Co. Intelligencer).

Ely, Britton; Amy Ann Briggs Married Nov 3,1842, in Trenton, by
Mayor Charles Burroughs. Both of New Hope. (Source Bucks Co.

Smith, Benjamin; Briggs, Mary
Married: 10/16/1805 (Source: Pennsylvania Archives, Vo. IX, 2nd Series,
pp. 273-181, Wrightstown Monthly Meeting of Friends, Authorized

Swain, Samuel; Briggs, Martha
Married: 1/14/1800 (Source: Pennsylvania Archives, Vo. IX, 2nd Series,
pp. 273-181, Wrightstown Monthly Meeting of Friends, Authorized

Chapman, Abraham; Briggs, Elizabeth
Married: 2/2/1740 (Source: Pennsylvania Archives, Vo. IX, 2nd Series,
pp. 273-181, Wrightstown Monthly Meeting of Friends, Authorized

Conrod, Dennis; Briggs, Deidamia
Married: 10/7/1791 (Source: Pennsylvania Archives, Vo. IX, 2nd Series,
pp. 273-181, Wrightstown Monthly Meeting of Friends, Authorized

Wilson, Hamton; Briggs, Anne
Married: 11/16/1774 (Source: Pennsylvania Archives, Vo. IX, 2nd Series,
pp. 273-181, Wrightstown Monthly Meeting of Friends, Authorized

Briggs, Joseph; Dawes, Martha (
Married: 10/2/1800 (Source: Pennsylvania Archives, Vol. IX, 2nd Series,
p. 271, Quakertown Monthly Meeting of Friends Marriages.)

Briggs, Benjamin; Mary Capehart
Married Mar 19,1829, Benjamin of Lower Dublin, & Mary of Byberry.
(Source Docket of Isaac Hicks,Esq).

Buckman, William, Jr.; Briggs, Jane
Married: 11/3/1744 (Source: Pennsylvania Archives, Vo. IX, 2nd Series,
pp. 273-181, Wrightstown Monthly Meeting of Friends, Authorized

Smith, Edmund; Briggs, Mary
Married: 4/11/1798 (Source: Pennsylvania Archives, Vo. IX, 2nd Series,
pp. 273-181, Wrightstown Monthly Meeting of Friends, Authorized

Briggs, Theodore; Emma U. Phillips
Married Mar 14,1872, by Rev. D.K. Turner, both of Jenkintown. (Source
Neshaminy Presbyterian Ch of Warwick, Bucks Co., PA)