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About us

The BRIGGS DNA Project is an ongoing project open to anyone who has the surname BRIGGS in their family tree. It is open to any FTDNA tester - if you have tested at another company and wish to join us, please contact me (Gail It is primarily for males who carry Y-DNA, but females are welcome, especially if they carry the BRIGGS surname. The project is aiming to identify the numerous BRIGGS families together using DNA. Male participants' Y-DNA results can be viewed within the project as are the mtDNA results Feel free to join in or to initiate conversations within the 'Activity Feed'. This is your in-house forum. Be certain to look around the project and familiarise yourself with what is there. My contact details are visible to the left hand side of the project's Landing page. It is believed that it is the northern English form of Bridge, from Old Norse bryggja. Apparently 'Brigg' is standard Yorkshire dialect and, therefore, interchangeable with the word 'Bridge.' ( eg Briggate in Leeds led from Leeds Bridge up to the town). Please look at this web page It is interactive and as always, a picture is worth 1,000 words.