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About us

The Brewer DNA Project is here to serve as a resource for members who are using genetic genealogy to augment their traditional genealogical research. In that regard we aim to be a central location for connecting those using genetic genealogy, specifically Y-chromosome DNA testing to identify their BREWER, BRUER, BROWER, BROUWER, BRUAR, BROWERE, BRUERE, etc. family. In late 2017, after more than a dozen years of existence, the Brewer DNA Project has learned much about the usefulness, and the limitations, of genetic genealogy. We’ve found the most success when members are active with their fellow members and the administrators in sharing not only their DNA test results, but also any work they have done on their family history. And so going forward, here are some goals:

We would like to increase membership which we hope will help some of our Ungrouped members find paternal line matches (relations) whom they can work with.

We would like to increase international membership with the hope that some of our existing North American families can find matches that might point to places of origin in the “Old World.”

We would like to see more Big-Y tests from existing members and we encourage new members to take the Big-Y test once results from an initial STR marker test are in (Big-Y is only available to those who have already taken a Y-DNA STR marker test). We want to increase the Big-Y data base for each family (sub-group) with the expectation that it will improve the understanding of relationships within families and will support the traditional genealogical research.