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Not all BREWERs descend from the same lineage. The surname BREWER is generally based on an occupation. Any person who had the occupation of Brewer -- a maker of beer or ale -- might have taken on the surname when surnames became required.We want to identify the different BREWER families by using the haplotype, the individual DNA pattern, that passes from a father to his sons. The Y chromosome of related males is identical -- or very similar -- while unrelated men have different haplotypes. We believe that DNA is the only positive way to sort out all the different BREWER families. REQUIREMENTS: Ordering a Y-DNA Test for a Brewer is a requirement for joining the project.The Brewer DNA Project is a Y-DNA, Surname Project open to males with the Brewer (Brower, Brouwer, Bruer, or variation of) surname. Females, who have recruited a male relation (father, brother, cousin) who has the surname Brewer, may also join. The Brewer DNA Project is also open to males who have a surname other than Brewer, but who, either through prior Y-DNA testing, or by knowledge of a non-paternal event in their history, genetically match, or believe they will genetically match other men named Brewer. If you do not fit the above criteria, please do not join the project. Simply having a Brewer ancestor somewhere in your ancestry is not a reason for joining. Taking a mtDNA or Family Finder Test does not meet the requirements for joining the Brewer DNA Project. We appreciate your interest, but the goals and objectives of the project are narrow and only male Brewers who order a Y-DNA test will see any benefit by joining.