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About us

The Brewer DNA Project is a Y-chromosome project focused on the direct male (paternal) lines of ancestry of men with the surnames BREWER, BRUER, BROWER, BROUWER, BRAUER, BRUERE, BROWERE, and other possible variations. Please refer to the About Us Background page for an overview of the history and scope of the Project. Participation and membership in the Brewer DNA Project is open to men who have taken, or are ordering a Y-DNA test administered by Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) and share information about their paternal line. Women are welcome to join the Project as contacts and surrogates for men in their families (fathers, brothers, cousins) who have a BREWER, BRUER, BROWER, BROUWER, BRAUER, BRUERE, BROWERE surname and who are have taken or are ordering a FTDNA Y-DNA test. A Y-DNA test of a male with the BREWER, etc. surname is a BASE REQUIREMENT for joining the Project. Exceptions allowed for joining, perhaps for those with known or suspected non-paternal events (NPEs) such as adoptions, etc. involving a BREWER paternal ancestry, and other reasons, are considered on a case by case basis. In such cases please contact the Project’s administrator before joining. Y-DNA testing is a resource that is best used in conjunction with traditional genealogical research. Joining the Brewer DNA Project, ordering a Y-DNA test and sharing previously researched paternal lineages with the other members can verify one’s current research efforts. For those whose paternal lines are incomplete, Y-DNA testing can help identify genetic relations and possibly point a way towards that elusive ancestor. Please see the BACKGROUND page for more.