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Ancient Breifne Clans (Ireland)

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Page updated 13 November 2014

Please note that some of the groups mentioned in the Breifne Clan reports (see the last listed website below) have altered since the reports were written.  (Additionally, many new groups have been added to reflect all the newcomers of the last several years). You will also note that some of the information in the reports are out of date, but I have retained everything as was written in those times.  The reason for this is that the matter of DNA and markers now available are all fast-moving that continuous updating becomes a huge task.  Furthermore,reports such as these are a valuable history as to where the genetics industry (and the Project itself) was, just a few short years ago.

There are 11 reports in total from that site - with grateful thanks to the former Admin Joe Donohoe and the O'Donoghue Project Admin Elizabeth O'Donoghue/Ross . 


All the Breifne Clan reports are available (in an abridged form) at  http://www.odonoghue.co.uk/projects/1.html

Gail Riddell (present Administrator)