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About us

Current group members are categorized in four different primary Y Haplogroups, which are also shown here by their more specific defining SNPs
  • R  (R-L144, R-U198, R-M222)
  • I   (I-M170, I-M253, I-P37.2)
  • J  (J-M172, J-L26)
  • Q (Q-M3)

R-L144 (rs9306842)

The majority of group members are (likely) R-L144, which has dbSNP id rs9306842 and whose associated Y Hapologroup is known at FamilyTreeDNA as R1b1a2a1a1b4e. (The ISOGG has recently renamed this to R1b1a2a1a1b3a4 in light of new official SNP discoveries)

Although SNP rs9306842 (L144) has been known since 2003, L144+ is rare. In 2010, David Reynolds (with the support of Adriano Squecco) reported: 

          "In the Genome Comparison Project, we've only seen two samples out of 700+ that are L144+"

In the spring of 2012, during the development of an SNP prediction tool,. Robert Casey performed an analysis of the 16 then known L144+ outcomes.

In the summer of 2012, our own surname group has confirmed more than a dozen new L144+ results thanks both to anonymous donors who funded a group discount for the advanced SNP test, and surname administrator James W. Green, who personally organized the details of the large group purchase. 

According to 2010 SNP tree, L144, L266, M412, M415, M478, M479, M520, M529, S175, S178 and S186 were added to the R-haplotree on 9 September 2010.
According to 2013 SNP tree, ".1" was appended to L144 on 9 March 2013.
According to 2014 SNP tree, L195/S354, L144/S175 were removed from the ISOGG SNP R-haplotree and placed in Notes on 27 November 2014.

Group Clustering

Current group member clustering based on GAP-reported genetic distance (as of July 2012)
visualization with Graphviz