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The BRAMLETT, BRAMBLETT etc world-wide DNA Project was launched in July 2004 in order to take advantage of this unique new tool to help researchers find their family links and origins. The Project is primarily a Y-DNA Bramlett (and variants) surname project.  Your Bramlett etc genealogy is a requirement to join this project that has a built-in discount.

The American family name BRAMLETT, the original spelling, was widespread recorded in England in the 17th century, especially in Durham and Yorkshire, but has died out in present-day England. BRAMLETTE is the French variant.

In the 1990 US census per 100 million persons the BRAMLETT surname ranked 5,887, BRAMBLETT ranked 9,596 and BRAMBLE ranked 8,962.


The three primary DNA tests are:

**Y-DNA is for your paternal line - your father, his father, his father's father etc on up the male line. Only a male can Y-DNA test.
**mtDNA is for your maternal line - your mother, her mother, her mother's mother etc on up the female line. mtDNA is for low-resolution; mtDNAPlus is for high-resolution. Full Gnome is the top of the line-any match at this level is a definite relative.  Both a female and a male can test for the maternal line
**Family Finder tests your autosomal DNA. It helps identify distant cousins regardless of sex. Both males and females can take this test.  

*DNA testing for genealogy is nothing more than a couple good swabs of saliva from inside the cheek in the privacy of your own home. To see a sample DNA kit visit:  Also, be sure to visit:

To order your discounted DNA test kit:  at the top of this page click on JOIN REQUEST.  Then, just fill in the order form. Be sure the test(s) you are ordering appears in the little window at the bottom of the order form. Upgrades for existing donors should be placed from your personal page  at FTDNA.  Credit Card payment is the most expeditious and is secure.

If you submitted your DNA to the Genographic Project PLEASE remember to download your results to FamilyTreeDNA and join the appropriate Surname Project. There are many additional benefits to enjoy with Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), particularly genealogy-related

Feb2007:  FTDNA opened a multi-lingual office, iGENEA, in Zurich which offers customer support and news in Spanish, French, Italian, German and English, while providing local shipping and payment in common European currencies. In addition, the German DNA-Fingerprint merged with FTDNA and Thomas Krahn, DNA-Fingerprint owner/scientist, moved to Houston to the new joint laboratory!
This is an interesting and fun site to visit to learn about DNA for genealogy:

NOTE:  DNA project Administrators are volunteers whose sole benefit is the pleasure of helping others.