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Brady Surname Project

Brady yDNA Project
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About us

Brady Project Administrators:

   (yah_brady@yahoo.com and eb47559@gmail.com)

10 January 2020

   Various project items including the welcome email have been updated.

30 April 2017

   The subgroups for y-DNA results have been updated. (See "Results" which give definitions of the Brady Project subgroups.)

7 Aug 2016

   The project Overview, Background, and Goals have finally been brought up to date.

13 July 2016

   We have finally converted to the new format and are in the process of bringing it up to date. Please take note of the project's new custom banner. The shape and edge truncation of the banner may change slightly depending on the size of your viewing window.

1 July 2016

   We hope to convert to the new format during the first full week of July. Please bear with us as we make whatever changes are deemed necessary after the initial change to the new format.

21 June 2016

   Conversion of the Brady Project to the new format has been postponed until the administrators felt the new format was completely stable and that they (the administrators) were fully equipped to work with it.  Members should direct any comments or questions to project administrators yah_brady@yahoo.com or eb47559@gmail.com as pbrady although still listed as a project administrator is no longer active in the project.

13 April 2015

   Explanation of the Brady Project subgroups has now been added under "Results" in the ABOUT THIS GROUP pull-down menu.

9 April 2015

   FTDNA has announced that it not be automatically converting all groups to the new format on April 16th as previously planned.  The conversion will be delayed to be sure the process will go smoothly.  A new date for the planned conversion was not given.

15 January 2015

   The problem with creating the full text of the Brady Project welcome email has now been resolved.  New members again receive the welcome it in its entirety.

1 January 2015

   An issue involving the preparation of a welcome letter currently sent to new project members is still in effect, and the issue has been reported.  The present project welcome letter is missing the statement posted below.

9 December 2014

   With the addition of two new administrators we are in the process of altering the presentation to be more useful and hope to make a few worthwhile changes.  For your information, FTDNA has recently introduced new software called "myGroups" where project discussions can readily take place.  It is currently in a Beta test stage, so until this new software becomes available for all projects you are invited to ask questions or make suggestions by contacting the Brady Project administrators directly.