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Brady Project Y-DNA Subgroup Descriptions 

The Subgroup descriptions and organization in our "Brady" group have been revised.  Since FTDNA sorts the subgroups by their titles, the subgroup names have simply been prefixed by letters.  About half the Brady's tested (here and elsewhere) belong to the Brady sept (A) which has its origins in the former Breifne Kingdom that was located in the vicinity of County Cavan.  They belong to the Z253>L1066 subclade of L21. The second subgroup (B) contains Bradys of probable Scotland and/or Ulster origin who belong to another subclade of L21, some are more related to each other than others.  Other subgroups have been identified in useful ways.  Emphasis will be on DNA groupings rather than geographical or other personal groupings. The last subgroup (F) consists of tested families who are assumed to have Bradys in their ancestry, but not a direct paternal connection.

Subgroups are now entitled and defined as follows:

A. Brady and Matches, Origin Breifne Kingdom--> County Cavan, Ireland ---HG: R1b: L21 > DF13 > ZZ10 > Z253 > Z2534 > ZZ5 > Z2185 > Z2186 > L1066+>>

B. Brady and Matches of HG R1b: L21 > DF13 > Z39589+>> --Probable Scotland and/or Ulster origin

C. Brady of other HG R1b: L21 subclades

D. Brady of HG R1b, without advanced SNP testing ---SNP Pack testing recommended

E. Bradys of HG other than R1b

F. Brady relationship other than direct Paternal YDNA

(last update 1/10/2020)